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Good morning. So I committed to doing a Facebook live. I’m not exactly sure why, but here I am. And I was thinking this morning, what am I going to share about? And there was two things that came up for me. One was how important gratitude is in life. Gratitude is the most amazing medicine there is in the world where people [can get a great boost and benefit.]

It’s amazing what we go through, what goes through our minds and our brains during the day. Just the energy level around gratitude if we’re thankful for something is really hard to be moaning and groaning and complaining about things that are going on. Sure. Everybody has struggles and problems as part of life. If we, if we don’t struggle, we don’t build muscle. That’s part of resistance training. We’ve got to use heavy weights to tone up our muscles. Well, it’s the same thing with struggle and the way it works with struggle is if we are thankful for it, we can absorb it and learn the lessons from whatever it is that life is trying to teach us. There is a flow to life, we’re sure of that. And so if you’re not in a habit of gratitude I’m not a huge one for writing.

Gratitude journaling is a whole subject in and of itself that you can research online, like how powerful it is for people. Wellness stories are filled with gratitude journals. It’s amazing. But it does certainly counteract, and it’s the antidote to bitterness when you’re not feeling well. And, and there is illness in, in life chronically or symptomatically. There certainly is a lot of benefit to counting your blessings. Like, well, what am I really thankful for today? What can I be thankful for? If I was going to be thankful, what would I be thankful for? And you’ll figure out something. There’s something that you can be grateful for right now. So if you see there’s a, a Moo cow balloon behind me, my five-year-old granddaughter, she had her fifth birthday yesterday evening, and she’s crazy about cows. And every gift she got was has something to do with cows.

And there’s a whole other story that I won’t get into that was really exciting last night with, at the birthday party. But there’s one other thing I wanted to just share about it came up in an earlier conversation this morning with hello Allen and Pamela. How do you guys do it? This is my first Facebook live, so I’m grateful for that. The other thing I just wanted to share about it came up earlier, was about vitamin C. Now everybody knows vitamin C probably. You heard the story about that’s how the British sailors in the 1800s, they conquered scurvy through you taking limes on board the ships and they didn’t develop this terrible disease. They cure that. It took about 500 years for the scientists and doctors to figure that out. First they thought you know, getting fresh produce vegetables.

And certainly there are, there’s vitamin C abundant in all kinds of natural foods. And once that’s why British people are called limeys because of that great discovery, well, in our lives today, there’s plenty of vitamin C abundantly available in the produce that we eat. Two years ago, there was a book, which the name of which I don’t remember at the moment was reflecting on Linus Pauling’s discoveries. He was a fanatical nut about vitamin C and believed to be a real cure all for people even with cancer. So a lot of that, there was an attempt to debunk a lot of that idea about vitamin C being a cure all. However, two years ago there was a book that I read and the takeaway from the book was that vitamin C really works, but what people, where people miss the boat with vitamin C is not taking it frequently enough during the day.

And i’ve solved the problem of how to do that. So if you’re taking vitamin C in a tablet or a capsule, you’re missing a lot. Okay. You’re missing, there’s literally hundreds of flavonoids and nutrient ingredients that go into vitamin C. It’s not just a score, big acid. And really the, the way you get it is from limes. I prefer limes over lemons. I like the zing of the lime over the lemon. Lemons for me are a little bit they don’t seem to be as strong as what my body is calling for. So what I did, what I do every day, I’ve been doing this for about three months now, is I, I’ll slice open a lime every morning or two and I squeeze the lime juice into a jug of water. And then in my daily habit of always having a glass of water nearby and sipping it, I can keep infusing vitamin C into my body all day long.

And here’s the key takeaway from the book. Vitamin C escapes your body runs through the body in 20 minutes. So if you’re not re infusing vitamin C every 20 minutes, then body’s running out of vitamin C. And in order to, you know, you’re not going to take capsules all day long. That’s not gonna work. There is a bowel tolerance level of vitamin C that you go over that, that level and you’ll know it, so you don’t want to do that. But sipping on lime water all day long. It’s easy. It’s hydrating. I mean, I, you know, I, I, I try to guess at percentages of people who are not, well because of dehydration, it’s, it’s pretty massive. It’s pretty massive. So in order to counteract that there, you’ve got to form new habits and we’re always in a rush these days. Our society is built on speed and we’re trained as children.

In the morning you got to wolf down that cereal or that doughnut or whatever it was in order to catch the bus and get to school on time, we’re always running late, it seems. And that’s a chronic symptom. That’s a symptom of chronic stress really. And it’s totally contradictive to the natural state of where your body really wants to be in order to thrive, which is in a state of rest and digest. Now, so what are the two dominant States? You can be in a sympathetic mode or a parasympathetic mode. What is the sympathetic mode? The sympathetic mode is fight or flight. The sympathetic mode is high adrenaline and cortisol rushing through your body because why? There’s a saber tooth tiger behind you or hiding behind the tree and you got to be alert, you got to be on top of your game in order to get the deal, to get the close the sale to, to make that next phone call to get your, your a hundred phone calls in that day, whatever the job is that that’s in front of you, that’s the sympathetic mode.

And if that’s the dominant state and lunchtime comes and you don’t have time for lunch, or you grab something from a fast food establishment and you’re behind the wheel, you’re eating sandwich and you’re rushing to your next appointment, how well is your digestive system really gonna work? So the antidote to that, we started with vitamin C. Now we’re on to rest and digest five deep breaths. If you take five deep diaphragmatic breaths, really fill up your lungs and your diaphragm with air XL, slowly calm the mind. Take that half an hour off. Give that to yourself. That’s a gift that you can give to yourself every day. No one’s going to blame you for actually taking 30 minutes for lunch and sit down. Rest, digest, relax. When the adrenaline is pumping through, all the energy is going to your limbs, to your legs, to your brain, to your arms, you’re, you’re ready to run.

You’re ready to run that golden mile because you got to get to that next thing. So take that time off. Give that gift to yourself. Get into a little meditative state. Calm yourself by some deep breaths and enjoy the food. Actually, think about what you’re eating and because what is food? What is food? Food is information. It’s data. Food is informing your body. So give your body the right message. Okay, so stick, stay away from the process. Junk food, a new phrase has come into my life is crap food. Rather than calling it junk food, it’s actual crap. You know, if it comes in a package and it’s got a two year expiry on it, like is that really food? I mean, just think about it. Consider that compared to an Apple, if you leave an Apple for two weeks sitting on the table, it’s in the normal atmosphere, it’s going to start to decompose because it’s food, right?

There’s a lot of new nutrient value in there. So whatever you can do to eat real food inform your body how much you really appreciate all the good health that you have, all the things that you’re thankful for, then you’ll feel well, you’ll feel better. And wellness is the name of the game. That’s where we’re at today. Let’s be, well, let’s be grateful. Let’s adopt a habit of real vitamin C. I, you know, if you’re having the flu coming on or something like that, I do use like abundant doses of vitamin C from capsules but I augment it with real vitamin C from fruits since that synthetic vitamin C, it will fit in the proper places in the body, but the, the actual ingestion and upstream getting, getting the nutrients upstream comes from ingesting real food. So just something to think about. I appreciate you guys helping me. Do this phase first. Facebook live for Gary Simmons, integrative nutrition, health coach and lifestyle coach. I appreciate you guys over and out. Have a great day and a great weekend coming up. Take care.

More Vitamin C Information here: Linus Pauling Institute

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