If you ordered on the early bird promotional pricing program, your CLA shipped yesterday and you should have gotten an email with the tracking info. Expect it in one to three days.

Make sure you have signed up for the email course “Guaranteed Weight Loss” so you get the full benefit of the program.

I included the course printed out in the box with your order. It’s ten pages but still I want you to sign up as I will keep adding information and recipes, do’s and don’ts for the program including your testimonials.

For example, I finished writing the e-course guaranteed weight loss and amazingly, I have gained about 10 lbs during the last few weeks of this crazy winter. I was up to 170 lbs from my normal and healthy BMI weight of 162.

Guess what? I had gone back to eating some comforts foods, carbs, some junk, a Wendy’s spicy chicken burger here and there. Damn! It sure comes back quickly. I decided on Friday to start following my own advice and went right through a sumptuous  Passover dinner and weight myself on Tuesday morning. 166.8. Down three lbs already with two doses of CLA and following my own advice. Let’s see if I can get to 162 within 7 days. I will do a few food journals to send along so you can see how this works.

here’s my weird CLA Selfie Gallery:

image_04   image_07



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