Happy Hannukah, one and all. I just finished reading an article written in the Jerusalem Post, reprinted in the NYTimes. I think it’s worth the read and poses a few thoughts for reflection.


It’s enlightening and there are several parts of the story that you may not have heard about or read before. The crux of the matter was during the time of Maccabees, in Israel a couple hundreds years before Christ, the Jews were being persecuted and slaughtered. The Temple was defiled in unspeakable ways. In the depths of depression, the Maccabees fought back against their oppressors and one story has it, that the oil lamp in the temple had been extinguished. There was only a day’s worth of oil to be had and the oil lamp was relit and burned for 8 days until more oil could be found. Something of a miracle to reflect and show the light of Israel could not be quenched.

Now, during the Winter holiday season, when dusk comes early and the nights are long,  it makes sense that people of all faiths should have something to celebrate. I am all for Christmas trees and lights,  wreaths, evergreen garland and menorah candles. It all serves the purpose of reminding us that the light shines brighter in the midst of darkness.

You only need to be sick for a day to make you thankful and appreciative of all the days, months and years of health that we enjoy, and all too often take for granted. In honor of the holiday season, as it’s my obligation to help people be healthy and not to suffer, I am offering a 22% discount off all Optimal Health Bridge brand products for the next eight days. Use the Coupon Code: OIL LAMP. Blessings to all.



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