Our Gift to you this Season of Giving!

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This is an amazing protocol for anyone who needs energy, needs to relax, needs to lose some weight and wants to start the new year on a healthy footing.

At the heart of the package is a 120 count bottle of True Omega-3, our most potent cardiovascular support. Not only does it help with the heart, it also helps the eyes, the brain and even your joints to be more flexible. Truly if there ever was a panacea of health and goodness its Omega3s.

Three supplements for digestion and liver function: Advanced Probiotic, Advanced Digestive Enzymes are a must for retooling for the new year. If you get your digestion in order, it’s a huge step forward. Added to this is Milk Thistle which is a liver-trophic antioxidant that helps to detox the liver, which must detox the blood. You don’t want anything gooey going on in the liver, but most people do.

Lastly we have added just as a bonus, Sublingual Vitamin B-12. Most people are fatigued and the holidays only seem to serve to ramp up fatigue with so much going on. This tablet is sweetened with stevia, a natural zero calorie sweetener. It is to be held under the tongue until it’s dissolved. The reason is that the stomach will wreck the B-12 molecule. It should be taken under the tongue so it can enter the blood stream directly. Interestingly, B-12 also aids in homocysteine support for your heart.

Thoughts on Liver function and more of my personal story:

I have been studying and coming across resources that have helped me to understand the function of the liver. My original diagnosis of very high triglycerides, which I regarded as a heart/ stroke problem in fact were tied to a fatty liver. It’s a sugar/fat problem. I only recently began to understand that the actions of the liver in converting fat into energy. Only a healthy liver can convert fats into energy.

Dr. Mehment Oz in a youtube video uses a very simple measuring device: a tape measure to determine the fundamentals of one’s health. A circumference of 40 inches for a man and 36 inches for a woman indicate a problem with visceral fat around the belly. This is an indication for digestive problems (diabetes) and heart health issues. Why?

The subcutaneous fat deposits around the stomach and liver actually begin to choke off the mechanisms of liver function, bile production, and in short, create serious plumbing problems.  Blockages create a septic environment. In the early 1990s while living in Texas, I had what was apparently a gallstone blockage. I got very sick and was bedridden for a couple of weeks. Had I gone to the doctor, I am sure they would have removed my gall bladder.  I drank some bitter tea and some virgin olive oil and laid on my right side. Apparently I was able to pass the stone(s) and recovered.

One of the main functions of the liver is to purify blood: To remove toxins and allow for healthy blood flow, which interestingly enough, the Bible says, “the life is in the blood.”  Right now I am taking Milk Thistle as a supplement and have cut back on meats to about 2 or 3 times a week. I buy grass fed beef and buffalo from whole foods. In the last two weeks I feel I could reduce my meat intake even further.

I am using a Metagenix Glycem X360 “medical food” (soy protein and vitamins) and a super greens powder, either wheat grass or another ultra greens powder with a banana and a little milk and purified water for my first meal of the day. Some days I do two of these and one regular healthful meal.  They are very filling and satisfying.

Spiritual reflections: Ramping it up a notch, I get a picture, a visual of the profound importance of filtering (choosing the good, eschewing the bad) from my spiritual life. The liver’s function is to filter and purify. So we have a whole body and the liver, not really our brain, has to make constant decisions, use good judgment and “filter’ the results. Using positive energy to guide me: Choosing to turn negative energy and events, so called challenges, into stepping-stones for advancement.  “Everyday is getting better…”

I have seen the ill effects of backflow of sewer lines in my house. We recently had to replace the sewer lines as we twice had backflow into the basement: Costly to clean up, messy, stinky and awful to deal with. Even if one sump pump stops operating, the basement can fill with water and destroy property.

So it is with the blockages in the physical body and in our spiritual houses. It’s my responsibility to ensure that that all pumps are primed, that all systems are clear, that all relationships are kept clear, clean and without remorse; “let not the sun go down upon thy wrath.”

As it is with the micro-universe within our bodies, so it is with the macro physical space of our homes and even reaches to the spiritual space that we create for ourselves, the place of love and of light.

My commitment is to keep things fresh, clean and pure, filled with love and light.

Have a happy, healthful holiday and I hope this makes a good gift for some of your loved ones.


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