A Health Reset: This past week I was scheduled for a colonoscopy. I used the occasion to establish a new base line for my health. Let me back up a little. In 2017 I had two health events. In July I had my first surgery for a meniscus tear. I had tried to rehabilitate it through physical therapy but I kept injuring the same area. Finally, I went for the MRI and it was a flap that was flipped back and would never heal. It needed a snip. The recovery from the surgery took several weeks. It’s all good now, but I was out of my exercise routine for too long and got lazy. In August I was rear ended in a rain storm on the Beltway outside of Baltimore. I sustained a concussion and it impaired my vision for about 4 months. I really couldn’t work on the computer for very long, just a few minutes at a time. These two events had the combined effect of causing me to eat “comfort” food and gain weight. At 5’8″ my BMI weight should be 165. (I’ve not been that light on my feet for about 5 years. I generally hold around 175.) But I was up to 188, mostly I was collecting fat around the belly, like most men. Women generally carry extra weight in the hips. This is a genetic thing. So the fasting and cleanse I did for the colonoscopy got me down to 179. I was amazed. After the procedure, I decided this is a good time to do some intermittent fasting. After a full day of fasting, it was much easier to reset my dietary habits. I was encouraged by the sudden weight loss. I was also encouraged by the doctor to eat more fiber and went to Trader Joe’s with a list of fiber rich foods. Have a look here.

Generally, I am reducing meat, bread and milk, increasing beans, lentils, vegetables and eating during an 8 hour period and resting the digestive system 16 hours a day. So far, I am happy with the results. 

Six Pack Abs Apps –  Today was the first day of my Abs app workout. I downloaded one for free from the Google Play store. It gives me a 5 minute workout each day for 30 days. Day one was 10x situps, 10x sitting twists, 10x reverse crunches, 10x flutter kicks, 10x leg raises, 10x air bike crunches, then repeat the sets. Took 5 minutes. There is an animation and it counts for you and marks the progress. 

Mega Vitamin C Therapy for Flu – Last bit of news. My daughter called last night that she was feeling flu like symptoms. I gave her my mega dose Vitamin C talk. It happened to me in the 1970s that I was travelling in Switzerland, high up in the mountains. I got the flu one afternoon. Not sure how I knew what to do, can’t remember, but I got vitamin C (ascorbic acid powder) from a pharmacy and mixed teaspoons at a time in a glass of orange juice. I repeated this several times throughout the evening. I fell asleep and in the morning I was completely better! Recently I read a current book about Vitamin C and mega dosing. The thing people get wrong is the amount needed and the timing. In this book, the “doctor” advice is to replenish the vitamin c in the body every 20 minutes. So I asked Christina to take 1000mg every 20 minutes for 3 hours. She did this and reports this morning she’s up and has no flu symptoms. I can’t say this works for everyone, but it is worth a try. The down side of mega dosing with Vitamin C is that you can get a loose stomach. If this happens just give yourself a break or dose in smaller amounts. I am not saying that Vitamin C can kill cancer but some people do say that. Chief among them was the original Vitamin C pioneer Linus Pauling, the winner of two Nobel Prizes. One key worth noting is to take some natural vitamin c such as an orange or orange juice while taking the supplemental dose. I personally think, the natural vitamin C opens the door and the supplement can get in to bolster the immunity system better. 

Have a Happy Thanksgiving. 



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