Yep! 180 days of 2011 have come and gone.

Where are you at with your life’s goals? Your health goals? Are you living better than you were on Jan 1, 2001?

Are you providing the leadership your family and friends need?

Are you living on purpose and are you full of passion for each day that passes?

Do you see the magic that life has to offer?

Are you in love with life?


Sorry to bother you with so many questions. I know some of these are tough to answer. But taking stock of how we are doing is a big chunk of the puzzle. If we aren’t satisfied with our life’s answers then maybe its time to ask better questions, like the ones above. It’s not a preachment of any sort. But with the advent of the 2nd half of our new year upon us, it might be good to check in with our personal magic mirror and see how we are reflecting our vibrancy. I am not taking a survey but you can let me know if any of these questions causes you to feel anything or see anything differently.


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Back Exercises: I have been a back pain sufferer since I was 20 years old. Chiropractors have saved me from being bed-ridden at times and yoga has kept me going strong and giving me an edge on keeping my spine in alignment. I found a great book called 7 Minutes of Magic – the Ultimate Energy Workout. I borrowed it from the library. Author: Lee Holden.

What I liked best about the book is that I already know all the exercises and poses that are pictured in the book. It’s mainly yoga and Tai Chi. There is a 7 minute routine for the morning and a 7 minute routine for the evening. I was hurting last week from having been working in an awkward position staining a threshold. I did the morning and evening routines once and I was good as new after having been in pain for a couple of days.

Other back news. Here is a device I just got shipped to me. It’s called BackJoy. It gently helps you to keep good posture while being in a seated position. I don’t know if you know it or not but sitting all day working on computers is really an unhealthy habit. I have always recommended getting up every few minutes and moving about to keep the joints limber and circulation moving. If you have been focusing and concentrating on a task, it’s not difficult to get locked up into a seated position. If you really like your work, its even more dangerous as you can forget the time and forget to move. Then all sorts of bad things can happen from carpel tunnel to sciatica. BackJoy can help.

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