Health and fitness are kissing cousins. They are very closely related yet there is a clear distinction.

Here’s the formula:  H+F=W

 If you add health and fitness together you get well-being.

It gets especially confusing though if you think in terms of weight control, weight management or even worse: weight loss.

There are so many ways and theories and practices in the realm of losing weight, but I have to say blatantly that most of them are not healthy!

“But my doctor said I need to lose weight to get healthy.”

 Yes that may very well be true, unfortunately there are a lot ways to lose weight that are completely detrimental to health!

Fad diets target rapid weight loss which usually amounts to loss of water weight, then muscle loss and if you are lucky some fat loss.  It’s not what it looks like on the outside.

A healthy program targets fat loss without muscle loss. A healthy program would ensure you do not lose muscle but rather tone, condition and build an appropriate amount of muscle for your functional needs.  

Did you know you can lose dress sizes or pants sizes without actually losing weight?

It’s true.

Muscle weighs more than fat.

So it’s entirely possible to lose fat, build muscle and wind up ending the same as before you started a program yet be able to fit better into those skinny jeans.

Most fitness coaches have a lot on the ball in terms of exercise and are able to set you up in a program to tend to your strength training, aerobics and conditioning. They should have a least a smattering of health knowledge especially in advising which foods can affect fitness training.

Health coaches on the other hand, have exposure to a broad spectrum of nutritional theories and usually minor in exercise and fitness.  A good health coach lets you lead and acts as an accountability partner to help you reach your goals.

The human condition is such that a holistic approach is the one that is best.  All systems are connected and reliant upon neighboring systems and processes. To ignore this fact leads to temporary fixes but not real long term solutions to health challenges.

It helps in the long run, to determine proper goals with overall well-being in mind. Work from the inside out. Being beautiful and healthy on the inside will translate into being beautiful and fit on the outside.

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