You may have heard Dr. Oz talking about Raspberry Ketones. Or was it 7-Kyto? Low fat? But Dr. Oz said to take omega-3 fish oil. Isn’t that just pure fat? “Was it low carb, slow carb or no carb,” Can you remember? You want to be healthy but really you want to look nice and trim. But then there is that mirror thing and you don’t like what you see.

We are suffering from diet industry information overload. There are about a thousand serious diet books published every year. We are awash in information. But then the mirror thingee.

Whatever you believe about diets is totally true. All diets “work” and all diets “fail”. The variable is you. Some diets are structured in a healthy way, others induce unhealthy habits and results.

But it’s not your fault. Let’s put at least 80% of the blame for poor results on society and junk food.

What is a healthy weight for you? Do you have a goal? Do want to reach your goal? There are two things you need:

1. Strategy
2. Accountability

Let’s talk strategy first: It usually take 4 walls to make the room you are in right now, unless you are in the pentagon. So with health in general there are four pillars that comprise health.

1. Mind State trumps all. Your thoughts, your attitude, your beliefs trump all other factors. Thoughts lead to feelings; feelings lead to actions and actions lead to results. Look in the mirror. What are your results? Work backwards and find out what you are really thinking. Need help? Yoga, meditation, reading: good. TV, couch: bad.

Exercise: Your body is a functional machine. Many of your body’s mechanisms require movement in order to work properly. Not just your muscles, not just your joints, not just your bones but even your immunity system needs movement, digestion requires movement. Your lymph system is hydraulic and needs movement. What’s the best exercise: a. swimming b. walking c. functional resistance exercises (weights or bands)

Diet: You are what you eat. Many of the modern day junk foods are comprised of molecular components your DNA has never encountered before and simply does not know how to handle them. Processed foods of all sorts baffle the liver.  We could call these food-like substances. Then there is sugar overload. The average American consumes about 150 lbs of sugar a year. A hundred years ago is was 8 lbs. Best tip I can give you is to shop the perimeter of the supermarket where the fresh foods are located: Vegetables should comprise more than 50% of your diet. Then fruits, meats and dairy are all on the perimeter of your local food store. Choice the highest quality you can afford. “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” -Michael Pollan. That famous quotation about sums up the complexity as simply as possible. 

Last pillar: Sleep. A good night’s sleep is the reprieve you need to de-stress from the weirdness of modern life. Eight hours is ideal. Many body functions are reset and regenerated through deep sleep. Tips: Darken the room. Hide any electronics with blinking lights, including your cell phone, laptop, alarm clock, etc. Don’t watch TV or do computer work for at least an hour before you want to sleep.

Now accountability: This has to do with your non-diet parts of your nutrition. How are your relationships? What are the most important things to you in life? Who are in your circle of five people closest to you who are helping you to be a better you? Answering these questions may require the help of a health coach. Find someone who is detached and can give you honest feedback. Then you will find your ideal weight just for you.

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