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“In the community of elite warriors, one man has risen above our ranks and distinguished himself as unique. Chris Kyle is that man. A master sniper, Chris has done and seen things that will be talked about for generations to come.” (MARCUS LUTTRELL, former USN SEAL, recipient of the Navy Cross for extraordinary heroism under fire, #1 bestselling author of Lone Survivor)
  • Christopher Scott “Chris” Kyle was a United States Navy SEAL known as the most lethal sniper in American military history with 160 confirmed kills out of 255 claimed kills, although these statistics have not been released by the Pentagon. Wikipedia
American Sniper is the inside story of what it’s like to be in war. A brave warrior and patriot, Chris Kyle writes frankly about the missions, personal challenges, and hard choices that are part of daily life of an elite SEAL Sniper. It’s a classic!” (RICHARD MARCINKO (USN, Ret.), First Commanding Officer of SEAL Team Six and #1 bestselling author of Rogue Warrior)
I read Chris Kyle’s autobiography a few years ago and it’s spellbinding. I have seen people reading it in airports and on airplanes. Chris was called the Devil of Ramadi by Al-Quaeda terrorists. It’s not a pretty picture of an American hero with the number of kills as his claim to fame, except when you realize that each kill represents numerous American lives saved.
Chris as a 19 year old tried bull riding in Texas rodeos and wound up with a broken hand and needed steel pins to hold his bones together. This actually disqualified him from joining the Navy in the beginning. He needed help to get into the Navy and then proved himself to be the right balance of steel, grit, laughter and camaraderie to be a top notch seal.
One story he relates in his book, about his “luck” at being the ‘top sniper’. Snipers work in pairs and his partner had just finished an 8 hour shift at the sniper position. Chris took over the position and within 2 minutes had a confirmed group of terrorists moving through his zone. He took action, always according to the ‘rules of engagement’. More confirmed kills, bad guys going to meet their maker.
Chris is on the list of longest confirmed sniper kills from his time in Sadr City, Iraq. There are others on that list.

Chief Petty Officer Chris Kyle August 2008 1,920 m (2,100 yd) McMillan Tac-338 .338 Lapua Magnum  United States US Navy SEALTeam 3, Charlie Iraq WarSadr City

The modern methodology of long-distance sniping (1.25-kilometre (0.8 mi) shots) requires intense training and practice. A sniper must have the ability to accurately estimate the various factors that influence a bullet‘s trajectory and point of impact, such as range to the target, wind direction, wind velocity, air density, elevation, and even the rotation of the earth under the bullet of the sniper and target. Mistakes in estimation compound over distance and can cause a shot to only injure, or to miss completely.

One of the most interesting facets of Chris’s life was a short stint on a short lived reality TV show, Stars Earn Stripes. On August 13, 2012, Kyle appeared on the reality television show Stars Earn Stripes, which features celebrities pairing up with a special operations or law enforcement professional who will train them in weapons and combat tactics. Kyle was teamed with actor Dean Cain. They were playing the in the competition for the Wounded Warrior Project. Chris’s comments were always funny and he was always lifting up the other contestants. He was impressed with Todd Palin’s abilities in the field. He said, the next time the United States needs a Seal Team, they should just send in Todd.

Having survived six IDEs and twice being shot,Chris lost his life while trying to help a soldier suffering from PTSD.

lutrellProfiles in Courage:
Marcus Luttrell: Seal Team Member, lone survivor on a mountain in Afghanistan.  I read his book a few years ago and on Sunday found out on 60 Minutes that his book has been made into a movie by the same name Lone Survivor. To be released this month, December 2013.

What was not mentioned on 60 Minutes is that Marcus wrote a second book, Service: A Navy SEAL at War.

After surviving the tragedy in Afghanistan, Marcus was deployed to Iraq and saw fierce fighting there too in Ramadi. He was friends with another Navy Seal hero who died recently, Chris Kyle.

We will profile more heroes between now and Christmas. Let’s remember those we owe more than we can repay. Freedom is never free. There is always a steep price to be paid.

Those who pay that price can never be fully repaid. We can only offer our humble thanks, our love and at least attempt to understand their losses.

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Because of heroes like Marcus we can enjoy our families and our holidays in peace. Remember to thank a vet today.  Click here to continue.

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