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From the files of Garey Simmons, Integrative Nutrition Counselor.  

Omega-3s, Do They It Really Work?

From: Daniele Marino

I am 47 years old and a very active personal trainer. I have never been overweight, never smoked, and my Blood pressure is low. 4 months ago, I discovered that I had high cholesterol. This is primarily due to genetics. I started taking Omega-3s, and stopped eating red meat. No change to my exercise routine.

In that time, my triglycerides went from 212 to 93 and my HDL went from 51 to 63. I attribute the improvement in my numbers to Omega-3s. You can overcome your genetics! 

From: Jeannemarie Wark

My father has rheumatoid arthritis he says if it wasn’t for your stuff he would not be able to walk. My dad still works at 80 years old; he is the one that told us to get your product. He has taken it for years. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

Thank you,


 From: Dan Hunt

A couple of years ago I started to gain weight. Let me back up. When I meet my wife 13 years ago, I was 24 and weighed 225-230 lbs. I got up to 305 lbs. About 3 years ago, I started to feel tired and started to become weaker. I use to play softball up until about 4 years ago. I also am a sports official, so I feel I am getting the right amount of exercise. I don’t eat great but not that bad either. So I went to the doctors and had some blood work done and everything was high. The worst was my triglycerides were 1400, yes, 1 thousand 4 hundred!

So he recommended I try this Omega-3 and see how it helps. Well, after a month, the tri’s came down to 1100 and so I got more Res Q. They came all the way down to 235 well about 4 months ago I ran out and didn’t buy anymore. I started to feel tired and weak again when I went back to the doctors; he did blood work. My tri’s were up to 607! So I am back on the Omega-3 and this time I won’t stop taking it. And because this product works so well, I have confidence that the other products will work also. I need to lose about 40 lbs and then I’ll be happy. I am a father to 3 kids, the youngest is 4, and a small business owner. I want to be around to see my grand kids take over the business. THANK YOU for your products.

A Customer for LIFE,

Daniel J Hunt, Chester County Pa 

From: B. Supowitz

I started to use the fish oil may years ago after my Heart Specialist suggested I go on ResQ 1250. He even directed me to the only retail store in the Philadelphia area that had it. I have been using it and other medication from RES-Q for many years. Are they good? I will be 86 this October and am still here, there is your answer.

From: Jim, Mahogothy Rive, MD

I honestly feel that at my age(63) that by taking the Rescue 1250 / True Omega 3 fish oil – I am able to perform much heavier tasks than without…my heart beats at a constant rate rather it beating normal or elevated after shoveling snow for an hour……We have a very long driveway to our house from the road – and it took all day Saturday and Sunday to connect to the main road…although I took precaution – I never felt threatened with over doing it…..also – since taking Rescue 1250 (started in 2004) – I have never since been ill more than a sniffle – never taken a flu shot – never missed a complete day of work….I know I am beginning to sound unbelievable and just going on – but you got me thinking how wonderful and beneficial taking Rescue 1250 has been to me and my personal well being…..

I have a 28 year old daughter who married an officer in the Air Force and two years ago he took a four year tour of duty at Aviano Air Force Base in Venice, Italy….I watched her suffer from migraine headaches since a child – and I worried about her health care over seas – so I introduced her to Rescue 1250 before they left – and to this date she has never suffered another migraine headache – or been ill to any degree……wow – a remarkable product….want more – ??…my fingers are tired for now…later ….Jim

From Larry W:


“Garey – thank you for your “thank you” – I believe that nothing happens by chance – I had heard about ResQ-1250 from Sean Hannity – when I pulled it up on my search your site came up as one of the first that carried the product – so I ordered it and my cholesterol went down!! I now list this as one of my supplements when my physician asks what I take – I also found that each time I placed an order there was always a follow-up on how I felt about the service that you provided – something that means a lot to me – that someone actually “cares”. I am very pleased that you gave a comparison on your True Omega 3 product versus ResQ-1250 – I will not hesitate to order the True Omega-3 when I need it again.” Thank you LW! We are here to serve and to help where we can. This business is our passion. So for us, all we need is wonderful clients, like yourself! Omega-3 Comparison Here


From Barb:


“Garey, we have been ordering Omega-3s for some time. My husband’s cholesterol was 236. Three months ago you called and told us to take the CoQ10 and the red rice yeast along with the Omega. Amazing results. It is now 150. He is also a pre-diabetic patient and chose not to take any medication. He carefully watches all carbs and two times a day measures his glucose. His range is much better and has lost 30 lbs. Any good tips for a pre-diabetic???? Thanks so much.”

Thank you Barb, check out Diacetinol – Blood Sugar Support for pre-diabetes and type II diabetes remedies! To get results like Barb and her husband did with their cholesterol please visit the Super Cholesterol Pack Page.

From J.S.


Garey and crew: I really believe the vitamins you have recommended are making all the difference in the world. My blood pressure and cholesterol are down and I feel peppier, I run a very busy PT clinic and I need all the help I can get! Thank You! J.S.


From Suzy T.:


Garey, Amen!! True Omega-3 is The BEST. And your company, is The BEST Company I have ever ordered from. I really believe you care about your client’s body, mind and soul. You not only sell great products, you also provide priceless information. Marci in customer service is, without a doubt, outstanding. When I order I feel like I am ordering from REAL people, not just a website.


From Lynn:


If YOU are one that suffers from any of the following symptoms, please read my story and know there is a better way! I have been a customer of Optimal Health RSQ for almost three years. I have always had an inherited cholesterol problem which the medical doctors wanted to put me on a statin drug. While in Austin, TX I was referred to a Naturopathic Doctor, who actually saved my life. She encouraged me to go on a program offered by Optimal Health RSQ and every year my overall blood test just keeps getting better. I have not put a man made chemical drug in my body for almost three years and I am in better shape and health then I’ve every been in my life. By the way, I will turn 63 yrs old in June 2009. Thanks Garey for giving me a new lease on life!

Lynn Copriviza

Ft. Worth, TX

Garey: Lynn, great job! Great testimonial. The products do work well if you give them a chance. You did the right thing. You found a holistic practitioner that gave you well thought out advice that took the whole being into account. Congratulations!

From Stan:


Mr. Simmons, I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how impressed I am with Marci. Actually, astonished is probably a better word to use. It’s not that she does anything that takes a genius; it’s the fact that she does her job – and goes out of her way to do it well, yet doesn’t get into self-praise as some people do. For example, I put Tennessee instead of Texas on the delivery address. (I’m unfortunately going blind at the early age of 49 for a very rare reason that is probably a birth defect that doesn’t manifest itself until middle age. Consequently, it’s easy to make mistakes…even with large fonts.

When I realized my mistake the next day I just KNEW it would be a huge hassle to get it fixed. I emailed Marci per the instructions, but had no real belief that I’d get a return email. Instead, I got a return email in less than 24 hours, and it said, “Don’t worry Stan. I noticed it and fixed it for you.” I couldn’t believe it. The I had another question that she also answered pleasantly and thoroughly. There just aren’t enough Marci’s in the world.

Your pricing is very competitive, and now you have my complete confidence and full referral intentions.

Thank you for running such a nice business. I’m a business owner as well and I know how hard it is to get good employees. And it’s nearly impossible to get excellent employees. To get someone like Marci, who is outstanding…well…I think you may have the only one that exists.

Stan L.

San Antonio, TX

Garey to Stan: Thanks Stan for your good feedback. Marci is holding her head up high. She gets bragging rights for a week. I know how fortunate I am to have her on the team. But thanks for reminding me!

News and Views from Your Survey Responses and Emails.

>>Your company is the best! ! This is what customer service should be everywhere.  Thanks for the quick turn around on correcting the incorrect shipment. Very much appreciated.


>>I took those powerful Omega-3s for 3 months and it lowered my cholesterol 37 points. I tried oatmeal, wine and a prescribed med which upset my stomach So i am sticking with resq1250 plus you have good prices with free shipping. I have also informed some of my friends about resq1250. dave …


>>The best people to order from at the best prices! Thanks so much!

Thanks for fast responses on my questions regarding Resveratrol. – Kathleen


>>Thanks again for your great service. Your shipments to me have always arrived extremely fast. I could not be more satisfied! Cheers, Joseph Z


>>I was so surprised it came as soon as it did. Thanks. Also want to know if there is any good weight loss help. (Garey–Yes, weight loss help here:


 >>Your customer service is THE BEST! Great service and products Marci; so far you all have performed flawlessly. Keep the great deals and ways to save coming down the pike. Thanks, Johnny


>>Everything is Great!

Do not do the automatic shipping on the Max Prostate or the Acai burn. I will order these when needed. Please continue with the same shipments of True Omega-3 as usual. Thanks for everything and keep up the good work.I wish our government could be as efficient as you guys are. I love your website. Very informative and it reminds me when I need to reorder. I don’t have to look around for phone numbers etc. I can order what I want right away. And always very courteous service. Thank you.


>>Done very professionally. Very concerned company wanting to make sure you are completely satisfied. Need more people like these guy’s.


From Marc’s Email:

Thanks – Let your company know that the customer support you provide is far and above anything else I’ve experienced. With most companies you are really lucky to just get what you ordered! Thanks for your good hard work! – Marc

From LW:

Garey – I just had some bloodwork done – True Omega-3 works – I have tried other “fish oils” and nothing impressive, but here are my numbers:

Cholesterol – 195 (was 216)

HDL – 71

LDL – 93

Chol/HDLC ratio was 2.7

Dr. was very pleased – I refused to take meds for high cholesterol – I never had a problem with it before until later on in my life – I’m glad that my refusal and my investigating found RSQ1250 – I am very pleased with the results. – L.W.

All these comments gleaned from our surveys makes us feel like we are doing a good job. Of course we can only give great customer service if we have great products and great customers. So our thanks to you for staying with us… We will do whatever we can within our power. And I have to tell you we earned the seal of approval from BBB Maryland, A+ rated since 2009.


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