We are out of stock of most RES-Q products so please hold off ordering those from the last email I sent.
If you have been reading this last flurry of emails you already know that I am no longer a RES-Q Distributor. I can’t reveal the details why. In fact I choose not to, I prefer to “take the high road.”

However, suffice it to say, I am actually pleased and content that we have parted company with RES-Q. It’s been a good run and I have learned a lot. Strategically they are moving in a direction that is not for me.

Lou, one of my customers who used to buy directly from N3 said it well,”Garey, you are a rare person in business. I believe you have the perfect balance of charging a fair price for your products and actually giving a damn about people. I look forward to your product comparison between RESQ and Optimal Health products.”

Thank you Lou! I dare not print what Lou said about N3’s price increases! But he let them know himself!

It’s amazing in a dozen phone calls yesterday to customers, there was a familiar theme — customer service. I didn’t really fully comprehend that we have been doing the public such a service. N3 has good products as you know, I have raved about them for five years yet they are not the only game in town! See http://optimal-health-rsq.com/omega-3s-comparison/

In August 2010, I was in British Columbia at a remote camp learning some lessons. What I learned was if something really, really resonates loudly with you, it’s one of the tenets of life that is truly important and meaningful for you and you should pay attention to it. If something is egregious and offensive to you, that is another way of identifying what could be called a guiding principle for you, or a heart virtue. High emotions be they positive or negative, help us to identify what life is all about. For me, it boiled down to authenticity and intergrity. Being human, I haven’t been perfect in this arena. But learning that these are really my guiding tenets helps me to make better decisions. I hope I can live up to them in this time of change! If you see me slip you have my permission to let me know!

Ok, I let some steam out. I reiterate, N3 has good quality products, and so do we.

In terms of our customer service, my team and I are working feverishly to fill all outstanding orders. We started refunding and sending substitutions of some key products with customers’ permission. There is a lot to do. Please bear with us as we make this transition.

Here is a comparison chart of our house brand products and how they compare to the RES-Q brand:

Res-Q Brand
Optimal Health Researched Superior Quality Brand
1250 – (200 Caps) – $41 – $56 a bottle
True Omega -3 (240 Capsules) $40 for 1, $99 for 3
See Link with full comparison
Resveratrol 50 mg 60 Tablets $25 – $34
Resveratrol 250 mg 60 Capsules $24.95 (3 for $66)
1250 Liquid $41 – $56
Not available at this time
Let me know if you really would like us to stock a Liquid
Cell Power $35 -$44 (CoQ10) 30 softgels
Ubiquinol CoQ10 $24 for 30 X 100mg or $25 for 60 X 50 mgs
105 Max $44 – $60
Diacetinol $24.95 – $29.95 Blood Sugar support (90 count)
LDL-X2 $30 – $41& Multi $25 – $35
True Heart Balance Multi- $39.95(180 count)
See Link – Combines all heart nutrients into one capsule
True/Life Vitality Multi Plant Based (90 count) $16.67 – $25 (Qty)
Res-Q Sleep Caplets 30 tabs $12.95 to $17
Melatonin $7 50 caplets
Not available at this time
I have heard from some of you and will do research on this
Orosine $49
Hyperlose Blood Pressure Support $21 – $24.99
Mega Acai $17 – $22
Acai Berry 600 mg $13 – $15
Super Prostate Health $17 – $22
Max Prostate Pro $20 – $25
Trim System $59.25 – $81
Dr Sears Primal Lean $42 – $49
Nature Shields Red Yeast Rice
Red Rice Yeast
Immunity — None
EpiCor $15 – $19.95
Oceana Glyco Marine
Max Joint Health

Healthy Origin Products to View: (this is a great company to do business with!)

Complete List of Optimal Health Researched Superior Quality

Be well,

Garey Simmons


5 thoughts on “Taking the High Road

  1. Peter Saar says:

    It would benefit customers,concerned not only with reasonable prices for products,to also learn which company manfactured the products you offer and where they are produced so an individual can research for themselves and gain confidence in the quality of the alternatives.

  2. Suzy Tyrer says:

    Hi Garey and Marci,
    My intuition served me well. I sensed there was a problem with N3 for a month or so but I did not want to burden you with any negativity. I knew you would let us know. Marci, when you called me and told me there was something going on, that confirmed my instincts. You were so gracious in refunding me for the Choline Punch. Thanks so much. You have marketed N3’s great products and probably have done more to help them than anybody else. They should be on their knees begging you to market their stuff, instead they are kicking you in the pants, so to speak. I first learned of them many years ago on a radio infomercial. I never heard from N3 again. I would never buy from them, I’m sticking with you guys and switching to True Omega. As long as you’re selling it, I trust the product. I believe their decision will come back to haunt them. What goes around comes around, what you send out will come back to you…the law of attraction. And that law is on your side because you chose the high road. It will abundantly come back to you with Divine grace and prosperity. You are going through a difficult time but you will be better off, my intuitive self tells me this. So my friends, you’re not getting rid of me anytime soon. God Bless and thanks for all you do….Suzy,Lake George, NY

  3. Bill Whiskeyman says:

    Garey: I wasn’t the least bit worried when you told us that you were being cut off by Res-Q. Why? You have proven yourself to be honorable…beyond any need for me to even worry. I knew that you would do your best to provide us with good quality products- and I will order what you have suggested- knowing that your word is all I need.

    Thank you Bill Whiskeyman ( USAF) 63 to 67

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