How DO I Prevent a Heart Attack – Part Two (In case you missed it, part one is here.)

The key indicators are well known. High Blood Pressure is of great concern as it weakens the arteries and as we age, the constant high blood pressure can cause an aneurism. If an artery bursts, there is a gush of internal bleeding and if you are not nearby a hospital emergency room, it could be fatal. High blood pressure also forces the heart to work harder, more wear and tear. If you worked your regular 40 hours a week and then did an extra 40 hours of overtime, how would you feel?  Wiped, I imagine. So it is with your heart.

The herbs and minerals contained in our Hyperlose product (pronounced Hyperloze) will help to calm HBP. Getting your thoughts right, your mind right can also help to lower blood pressure. Practicing yoga is a great way to learn to breathe a calming breath.  If you are worried about life situations or workplace problems, this can also play havoc on your blood pressure… If there are troubling issues in the family or the work place use the 5 Elements of Effective Thinking to go to work on getting those nagging problems broken down to their chief components and then deal systematically with each one until the worry is abated.

The habit of smoking causes high blood pressure, causes heart disease and also may cause throat, mouth or esophageal cancer. Don’t smoke. If you have trouble quitting, see a hypnotherapist.

Excessive body mass, being overweight or even obese has been shown to be among leading heart attack risk factors. The more weight you carry, the heavier the payload, the harder the heart has to work. Same deal as the example mentioned above with working excessive amounts of over time. Now it’s important to understand that athletes also pump harder and their hearts are working harder than the rest of us. But there is a difference. The athlete trains. It’s not uncommon for a trained athlete’s heart to beat as little as 60 beats a minute when at rest. The normal heart rate for the average person is 72 to 80 beats a minute. The trained athlete’s heart works less than a normal person because they actually grow their capacity to pump more blood with every beat.

Weight loss may be the biggest growth component of the alternative health care industry. There seems to be a new magic “fat buster” pill introduced every six months. Depending on your particular vice, various concoctions and pills can deliver varying results. For some it’s a placebo effect which doesn’t mean it’s not a real result. Placebo is powerful because placebo is really mind over matter.

The deck is stacked against us. Every time we shop, we are bombarded with pleasure sensations. I love Fritos but it’s not possible to open a bag without consuming the whole thing, the taste, the salt and even the sugar ingredients work on the brain’s pleasure sensors to ensure that you keep eating. It’s just too easy. So the cure for me is not to buy them. I have overcome the urge to eat Fritos through a practiced belief that Fritos are just not for me. I can live without them. I needed a 12 step program to get off of them, but I am converted.

I was in the MVA helping one of my son’s get his driver’s license. He’d been out of the country for three years and allowed his license to lapse. So it actually took 4 trips to the MVA to get everything done! Talked about the 7 levels of hell! I am sorry but there is something just really weird in MVA offices. I talked with each person I met and asked if they like their job. To a person, they all said they hated it but it’s a paycheck. One thirty year veteran had a sagging gut, really sagging to the point it was hard to understand how he could stand on his feet and not fall over. I am quite sure he suffers for spine and back problems. He stood behind a door that had the lower half closed and the top half was open. His face was rather normal in proportion but his waist was entirely out of proportion. He had a pear shaped body.  The pear shape tells me there is some toxicity involved. An apple shape indicated metabolic syndrome, as a rule of thumb.

As he was telling me about his 31 years, how much he hated it, I asked, “With 31 years, can’t you retire?” As he pops a caramel candy into his mouth, he counters with, “Now I am getting my kicks from toying with them.” I can imagine his blood pressure numbers.  I don’t know who “them” is, but he must be getting some sweet vengeance from showing up and taking the government’s money.  Sugar addiction is not unlike a cocaine addiction.

If are addicted to sugar or carbohydrates, can’t live without bread, etc. then please read this article.

That’s enough for today to chew on.

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