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Dr. Barry Sears recommends 2500 mgs of EPA/DHA per day as a minimum for a healthy adult. With our high potency capsules it means about four capsules a day. Personally, because I have a diagnosis of risk factors, I take six capsules a day. Almost everyone over the age of 55 should be taking a generous dose of Omega-3 fish oil. Certainly, as Mark Hyman pointed out on Public TV, 90% of Americans are Omega-3 deficient. Small wonder since the main fare of Americans these days is “food-like substances” not real food. Foods are just overly processed for a variety of reasons, mostly economic, and when I say processed, I mean the nutrition has been removed. The fiber has been removed. The natural oils have been removed and replaced within inferior, cost conscious ingredients, like corn, soy, sugar and sodium.

Natural Omega-3 oils are found in some vegetables, nuts and in fatty fish. If you don’t eat many vegetables, if you don’t eat avocado, if you don’t eat fish, it’s highly likely your Omega-3 intake is sub-par. Why is this important? To start with 40% of the brain is made up of DHA omega-3. Secondly, the only oils that are anti-inflammatory are Omega-3 oils, all others are Omega-6 and pro-inflammatory. Almost all modern disease arise from too much inflammation in the system.

You might think eating fish twice a week is enough. But it’s not. Most of the fish you buy today from the supermarket are farm raised. Good for protein but not so much for Omega-3. Fatty fish in the wild have a lot of Omega-3 because they feast on plankton. Farm raised fish are fed pellets of meal. No omega-3s. However, if you do eat wild fish, there is another problem. That problem is the toxicity of heavy metal pollutants in wild fish.

That’s why I recommend supplementation with high potency, pharmaceutical grade Omega-3.

Just be sure you read the label and understand how many milligrams of EPA and DHA are contained in the capsules you use. For many off the store shelf fish oils, the standard is only 300 mgs of EPA/DHA such as 180 mg of EPA and 120 mg of DHA in a 1000 mg capsule. This is standard fish oil. It is not high potency and it means that 70% of the oil in the capsule is NOT Omega-3, so beware.

If you have a sensitive stomach, I recommend the enteric coated version, but you will have to write to me personally so I can help you with that. Our oils are so pure most people do not have any trouble with our oils. But we can formulate an enteric coating for you. We are now keeping a few bottles in stock but haven’t posted it to the website as yet.

How_much_do_you_needDr Barry Sears author and inventor of the Zone Diet has this recommendation as to how much fish oil a person requires daily to combat various inflammatory illnesses.

Understand that the grams here are not grams of fish oil but grams of EPA/DHA.

WellnessplanWellness is define by the level of Inflammation you have to deal with in your body. The inflammation in your body has primarily to do with what you eat. 21stcentureThis is the best way to look at medicine! 3hourZone diet is basically getting away from refined carbohydrates, those with high glycemic index and glycemic load. Anything that is processed. Here’s the proportion: 3 grams of carbs to 2 grams of protein, to 1 gram of fat. The simple key is not to eat carbs without eating protein with them. 

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