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Common sense is rather uncommon.
Today’s Lesson: How to become rich and famous
Some people are born into it. Some work really, really hard and others write books on the subject and convince a lot of people they know something amazing and they sell a million books. At $3 a book royalty, yep, that’s enough to qualify.

Maybe a better thought or goal: How to be really happy.

The rich and famous have a hard time keeping their common sense about them. Many of us think that if we won the lottery or inherited a fortune, we’d be really happy but you can read this article and see that it’s blatantly not true. Long, lost relatives begin to appear. Even your friends are not above pitching you their latest idea for what you should do with your winnings. It quickly becomes a curse, you have to avoid ‘friends’ and hide out. Those born into it, seem to have a hard time understanding what reality is and what life means. Celebrities often have miserable lives and can’t quite find that elusive quality of life we call happiness. If you can do whatever you want, with no regard for others, you lose sight of familial responsibilities and even personal responsibility.

How to be happy? That’s simple. You make it so. You shift your mind set. If you find yourself grumbling about petty things, you’ve got to learn some mental discipline. Nothing has any meaning except the meaning we give it.

Not long ago, I created a round decal. If you have ordered supplements from me then you’ve seen it. It says “Happiness Inside” – it has a double meaning. There is happiness inside the package because our targeted supplements will help you to get needed nutrients so the body can do it’s job, but it is also true if you put that sticker on your shirt. Happiness begins on the inside. It begins with how you regard yourself and your mission in this life. It starts within. There are certain expressions I’ve adopted over the years. One of them is “I love my life.” When something good happens I reaffirm that to myself. If something bad happens, I just have to take two steps back and look at the picture from a wider angle and still repeat the mantra.

As a silly example, I was opening a bag of frozen cherries getting ready to make my protein shake and somehow, the bag opened and popped up in the air and landed on the floor with an explosion of flying cherries going everywhere, about half the bag. I stood there in a moment of disbelief at what just happened, then grabbed a bowl and began picking up fifty frozen cherries. It’s amazing how far some of them went! I noticed that I am still pretty limber and bending over was not difficult. I love my life. I was able to wash the cherries in the sink and still use them for my shake. I love my life. The shake tasted really good. I love my … (you get the idea)

Hope that helps…

Garey Simmons
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