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How To Use The New Optimal Health Bridge


Years of research and planning then months of building and coding, we now can reveal to you the New Optimal Health Bridge.


How to Login

As a current customer, your account is already set up and all you have to do to log in is use the email address that this email was sent to and use the temporary password temp123 and you will be in! You will find the change of password sequence on the first page. Easy.



You can verify your address and have a look around.

  • The new search bar works well.


  • The cart view is available to you no matter where you are on the website.



  • Check out is simple and easy. You’ll never have to type your shipping or billing address again unless you move.
  • You have the option for credit card or Paypal. (Setting up an autoship, please use a credit card.)
  • Each product page is uniformly laid out and easy to read.
  • The best deals/pricing is with Autoship. Generally at least 25-35% less than retail pricing. For now the first order with autoship has to charge shipping but you can use a coupon to offset that charge. Subsequent recurring orders includes free shipping.



  • The Autoship Profile page includes:
    • Autoship schedules, easy to modify with a couple of clicks. You can delay or speed up deliveries or even add a new product right on this screen. Don’t worry about the sku numbers, the list is in alphabetical order.
    • Autoship charge method: easily change or update your credit card.
    • Autoship Ship to address: just as easy to modify.


If you have an existing autoship we will bring your autoship into the new system on your next due date. We are hoping for a seamless transfer of systems. You’ll receive an email to letting you know that your autoship is in the new system. We will only bring you into the new system when your next shipment is due.

Need to Open a New Account? If you want to open a new account, it couldn’t be easier. Click on Login and just enter your email address in the Register screen. Just your email address. You will be sent an email immediately with a pass word and an activate button. Click on that and you can fill out your addresses and you’re ready to shop.

registerThanks for taking the time to look through this guide and have fun on the new

Garey-Tina-123Garey Simmons, 877.572.3444

Air-to-air right side view of an USAF T-38 Talon aircraft from 560th Flying Training Squadron, Randolph AFB, TX as his wingman banks to the left.
Air-to-air right side view of an USAF T-38 Talon aircraft from 560th Flying Training Squadron, Randolph AFB, TX as his wingman banks to the left.

Testimonial from a First Gulf War Air Force Pilot:

Why Choose Optimal Health Bridge: (From Stan, Military Pilot Retired, 1st Gulf War.) “If you haven’t learned about the numerous benefits to adding supplemental Omega 3 to your diet, I’d encourage you to check out what you are missing. I know every product description tries to convince you that it will greatly improve your life, so I understand your skepticism.

I can tell you from personal experience that HIGH QUALITY Omega 3 supplements really HAVE made a SUBSTANTIAL difference in the health of my family and friends. It’s not an instantaneous transformation. Give it 4-6 weeks for a fair assessment. However, while it’s true I’d like everyone to consider using Omega 3 supplements in their diet, I’m really writing this review to those who already use the product and are looking for a good source. YOU FOUND IT at Optimal Health Bridge. I used Res-Q 1250 for years, and made purchases during their specials to keep the price as low as possible.

TRUE OMEGA 3 is virtually the same capsule as Res-Q with a price tag much easier to absorb. If you’ll look at the contents you’ll see the similarity for yourself in the actual dosage of DHA and EPA.

Why Autoship?: If you go onto OHB’s autoship program (which I highly recommend) the price is the lowest you’ll find ANYWHERE and the shipping is free, paid for by the company to encourage your continued use of the auto ship program. This helps to keep everyone’s costs low, allows to easy modifications and you never run out of needed nutritional supplements.

Once you order from these people you’ll begin to understand why I’m willing to provide such an enthusiastic testimonial to their product and to their company. They provide the friendliness and assistance that you might get from a local store, but they keep their margins razor thin. I appreciate local business and support them when I can, but this is one time where I can get all the benefits of using a local business and save well over $1000 annually in supplement costs. If all this seems too good to be true, call the company and ask to speak with Garey, the owner. You’ll be transferred to him or he will return your call within a day (barring unusual situations.)

I have admittedly come to think of Garey as a friend, which is the first time an internet supplier has become one of my personal friends.

You’ll get the same attention if you’ll call him with any questions or concerns. You’ll find he believes his business is not merely a way to support his family; rather he is on a “mission” to spread the word about the huge benefits of Omega 3 in fighting heart disease among other ailments. He has other supplements as well, but he limits his inventory to proven, useful supplements. You won’t find him promoting fad products or cheap imitations. He created his own brand so he could control with precision the quality of his True Omega. These people and this product will NOT disappoint you. Give yourself a fighting chance against heart disease and other inflammatory issues by trying the product for 4-6 weeks. Talk to Garey about the dosage you should be taking since it really depends on your personal situation and health.