2012-07-29 15.26.32I don’t know how I get myself into these things,
but I am 5 stories up walking on a 3 inch beam!

Presumably, I am learning how to conquer a fear of heights! It’s appropriate to introduce my new Fave: Mel Robbins! She teaches how to take action! And stop stopping yourself for your most awesomeness!

Right now, click the orange button below and watch Mel Robbins teach you something:
How Awesome You Really Are!

21 Minutes to Learn How to Stop Screwing Yourself.

Included: How to Be the Best You, you can be.

Watch Mel Robbins Now

99.9% of us are screwing ourselves over. It’s called self-sabotage. You’ll never guess how awesome you really are, what the odds are that you are even in existence today. Find out by watching Mel Robbins.


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