I like simple tests.

1. This article points out a really easy way to predict longevity. If you are over fifty you should sit on the floor and see how well, how easily you can manipulate your body to a standing position.


2. The Belly Fat Test



3. Test: Do you gums bleed when you brush or floss?

If your gum bleeds, you are at higher risk for heart disease. There is a link between gingivitis and heart disease. If you gums bleed, you need to see the dental hygienist every three months to get the plaque removed, then you have to find a way to improve your daily dental habits. 

I had this problem for years and was facing gum surgery when I remembered hearing a integrative dentist on the radio being interviewed on a local health talk show. I called the host of the show and asked him for the dentist’s name. I called his office, made and appointment and they did a deep planing and cleaning and sold me a machine for $100 that solved my problem and reversed and cured my gingivitis. You want to know what it is? Click here.

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