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I am 5’8″, soon to be 59 years old and  I have learned to eat fairly healthy. Being a health coach, it’s incumbent upon me to eat right and exercise regularly. However at my last check up, I learned I had gained a few pounds. I was eating about one pound of grass fed beef ($8.99 a pound at Wholefoods) per week. I was eating sprouted grain English muffins ($7 a box at Whole foods) and occasionally, I was sneaking into Wendy for a spicy chicken sandwich.  My veggie intake was declining and I was reverting back to old patterns.

On November 1, 2012, I swore off high glycemic carbs of any sort, no bread, no rice, no pasta. Period. Full stop. I committed to my supplement regimen and am using three of our EZ 7 Day Pill Cases to store them. I take a dose in the early morning and one dose just before bed. (Omega-3, Niacin, CoQ10, Multi, Krill oil, Nattokinase, Vitamin K-2.)

I needed to re-commit to my core values. I went from 178.8 lbs on Day 1 to 174.4 on Day 7 and by Day 14 I broke the 170 lb mark weighing in at 169.6 lbs. Hooray!

According to the BMI chart that insurance companies use to determine healthy weight, I am overweight until I reach 165 lbs. So that proverbial last five pounds is still a goal. However, you don’t run to the finish line, you run through it. So let’s be courageous and say I am reaching for 162 for an early morning weigh-in.

Of course Thanksgiving and Christmas is upon us and this no carb thing is going on until January 8, 2013.  Let’s see how I do!

Let me share three secrets with you and a bonus secret.

Secret number one: When you eat a lot of carbs, you are destined to eat a lot more. “Betcha can’t eat just one.” Ain’t that the truth! Lay’s Potato Chips, right? Carbs are sugars for the body and sugar is addictive. They make you feel bloated. It’s also corrosive to the arteries and is the main cause of the epidemic of Type II diabetes in this country. In 1900 we Americans consumed an average of nine pounds of sugar a year. In today’s enlightened, modern world, Americans consume over 150 pounds of sugar annually. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see the link.

Secret number two: So what fills you up and keeps you feeling full? Surprisingly, the answer is fat. Yup! In moderation of course, but you only need a little fat to reach satiety. So don’t shun fats entirely. What kind of fats are good? Well it’s easier to say which are bad: fully or partially hydrogenated oils (read the labels), trans fats (the trans fat molecules actually have little hooks on the end of the chain and are very hard to dislodge once stored). Fats from nuts and seeds are excellent and avacado is brimming with goodness. I know this is not answering all your questions about fat, but that’s for another time. Even carbs are good, but they are good for energy. If you have a one to two hour hike planned, eat some carbs. I love Indian dahl (lentils). It’s one dish I can actually cook from scratch. Beans and lentils, any type of legume, contain carbohydrates, but they are long-lasting, slow burning carbohydrates, much better and much healthier than processed foods.

Secret number three: Portion control. Be satisfied with less. Yes, we Americans use really large plates. We fill them up. It was fine when our work was outside on the farm or we were using our hands to build things, like houses and decks or a barn and wrap around porch. But the majority of us sit on our behinds, live in apartments and condos and type on computers all day.  I lived in China for a number a years and their plate size is six inches. Or they use a six inch bowl for a wonton soup. The eat little meals. They don’t overload their body’s with massive infusions of high gylcemic carbohydrates. Chinese rice farmers do eat a lot of rice, but they are also in the fields for 12 -15 hours a day. So they burn those sugars off.

With some small variations, I am now on a veggie omelet in the morning, a protein almond milk ultra greens banana shake in the early afternoon. I use raw almonds with a few raisins for snacks. Dinner is comprised of many veggies, salad, salmon or chicken. I don’t miss the carbs at all!


Secret number four: The secret of moving the human body and getting exercise is contained in the new book, “The First 20 Minutes” by Gretchen Reynolds. I can tell you the secret of the entire book right now. The first twenty minutes of exercise yields 80% of health benefits. You can continue to exercise for an hour or two and increase the benefits by 4%. Of course you should read the book yourself for many reasons. The research is excellent and she is a funny writer. Really funny. You may have heard of the Pareto Principle but here it is again, twenty minutes a day provides you will 80% of the health benefits of exercise. It’s really weird but true.

Now there are many other benefits besides basic health that can be obtained from more vigorous exercise regimens. You won’t get six pack abs from 20 minutes a day. But you can achieve a well-balanced accrual of health benefits from committing to a 20 minutes a day regimen. There is new evidence to the supreme benefits of interval training where you push really, really hard for 20 – 30 second spurts and then take 1 -2 minutes of easy recovery. But read the book. Borrow it from your local library. That only costs you some time to go and pick it up.

Here’s the Holiday Bonus Tip you may need to keep in your back pocket. If you want a piece of pumpkin or apple pie after your dinner on Thursday, fill up with as much lean protein as you can first. If you dump mash potatoes, a boat load of stuffing and gravy, then the pie on an unsuspecting stomach the sugar becomes a problem. It’s a holiday and you can handle one dessert, but then go for a long walk with the kids or grandkids. Play some football in the park. Or find some kind of outside activity where you can burn up those sugars. Eat your protein first is all I am saying, then do what you will and lastly go for a long, long walk. You’ll be okay.

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