I need YOUR story!

Yes, I have finally given in to the idea that it’s my time to write a book. That’s all we need right, another book? Well, I have something to share and it is compelling. If I can help one person to live longer with a better quality of life, it’s worth it.  I have a philosophy of problem solving that I want to share and through those principles we can easily apply them to the arena of health.

Let’s face it our health care industry is really a sick care industry and most of us can choose not to participate. We are better off practicing knowlegable self care. I am not going to expound on that topic right now but suffice it to say, we are ranked 32nd in the world among nations in health and quality of life despite a trillion dollars a year being spent (wasted?) on inefficient and non-effective prescription treatments. I say this with the disclaimer that I know there are some prescriptions that help you to live longer and certainly saves lives in the acute care arena. No doubt about it. But the vast majority of resources in pharmaceutical drugs do not cure but maintain illness. A bold statement but think it over and you might find yourself agreeing.

I am willing to venture that 80% of us could live very well without illness if we were willing to make very small changes in nutrition and lifestyle.

Dietary supplements or nutraceuticals ARE preventative medicine. My dietary supplement company has shipped over 50,000 orders. Something must be working.

I have testimonies like these:

I read your articles consistently. It is always useful information that anyone can understand. Unfortunately I have not adopted the habits but am working towards it. The suggestions for vegetables in my diet are ones that I hope to put at the top of my list. I pass on your information as well and am grateful for your support in developing a healthy lifestyle. – Donna

Really enjoyed your article. I am also physically intolerant of sugar, thank goodness I’ve come to my senses. Have cut out virtually all breads, pastas, rice, and potatoes from my diet. My endocrinologist put me also on Benfothiamine which I see you are taking as well. He also recommended Alpha Lipoic Acid…Thanks for all your great information – I like your personal style of communicating. All the best to you and your family and staff – Helene R.

Hi Garey, I love getting your emails. I find them interesting. I like that you and Marci are available to your customers. I don’t like getting lost the “shuffle” of some companies, that never happens here…. Sincerely, Marguerite

I am so pleased that you continue this blog.  Your commitment and passion for health and nutrition are obvious.  I have not given it my all as you have nor have I the discipline to enforce your 10 commandments yet, but I am working on it. Please don’t ever stop your blog.  Gotta go and purge the kitchen! – Donna G.

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A great story.  And something to ponder.  I love the idea and the hope it brings.  Bridging the concept of never giving up with the concept of hope.  Thoughtful on multiple levels. Well said and worth repeating. With your permission I will send on the message. – Michael

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Here’s the deal:

I would like you to send me your story, whether it’s one or two sentences or if you want to write a full length version. I need to hear from you. Firstly, this will help me to know where I am being most effective as a holistic health coach. Secondly, I want to use your stories to encourage other people to take action in order to improve their health. Consistent action wins the battle every time! Consistent action leads to positive habits.  These positive habits form the basis of a healthy lifestyle.

I was reminded this morning of the old saying, “Do what’s hard, life becomes easy. If you always choose what’s easy, then life becomes hard.”

Will you send me something?

Especially if you’ve been on our Omega-3s, Epicor, True Vitality Multi, Resveratrol, Renavive, Diacetinol or Hyperlose? What are your favorite products? Why?

Has the Auto Ship Convenience program helped you to be more consistent with taking your supplements?

I mainly focus on Baby Boomer issues and would like to hear from you about what you’ve gotten from your association with me and Optimal Health Bridge and ALSO what you need in the way of further assistance in your journey towards better health.

Do you need more about weight management, diabetes, heart disease, libido, arthritis, osteoporosis? Let me know, I need your guidance.

Speak, I am listening!

I can’t pay you to write your testimonies but I can offer you a bribe, what’s called in marketing, “an ethical bribe.” An incentive to take action that will benefit us both!

For everyone of you that writes back in response to this, I will add $10 of store credit to your account to be used in your next order. I will also put you on the list to receive a free copy when my book is complete. Is that fair?

You must give me permission to use your name in the book.  Or if you’d rather just appear in the book as John, Texas or Marie, Maryland, that’s fine too. I’d rather use your full name if you feel comfortable with that. If not, just indicate.

Please send your submissions to Garey@ohb3.com with BOOK as the subject line, then I can easily gather those for editing purposes. Thanks in advance for your help and participation! I knew I could count on you!

Best in health,

Garey Simmons

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