Marci forwarded this message to me: “My ResQ1250 came, I think, the next day or maybe it was two days after the order.  In any event, I was shocked.  Are you sure you didn’t stop by the house?  Thanks for always being so quick to respond.” -Bev

“I was Shocked” – Garey

Garey: Here I am - Shocked - Memo to Self: Never read email before morning coffee!

You know I scan email and only read what is most important. You’ve got to when there are 250 – 300 emails in your inbox everyday. So when I see the words “I was shocked”, I think, “what did we do now?” as my heart sinks. Then I go back and read more carefully and find out, that it was a good kind of shock!

Most of the time we get good marks. Especially from the mid-Atlantic area, of course. We use a combination of USPS and UPS to get the packages out. Orders are processed around 11 – 11.30 am everyday and so if you ordered before 11am you have a good chance of getting next day delivery for only $4.95 our standard, subsidized ship rate. Now for people on the West Coast we are at a 3-5 days disadvantage. But at least you get an email the day your package ships and we stay in good communication, don’t we?

New Size for CoQ10 Ubiquinol – 100 mg capsules, 30 count.

Ubiquinol 100mgGood News from the Purchasing Department! We have 250 bottles of Ubiquinol CoQ10 in stock. The capsules are 100 mg instead of 50mg and the count is 30 instead of 60. So in effect it’s the same quantity but it’s easier to take a single capsule instead of two if you prefer.

We will still stock the 60 count, 50mgs as well until we hear from you about which you prefer the best.

$24 for a single bottle, $22 each for 3 bottles, $20 each if you order 6 or more. You can changed the quantity in the cart.

More new products – Coming Soon.

The purchasing dept has been hard at work. More products to put on the shelves! We have a new vendor: Healthy Origins. This is a highly respected national company with a large presence in the health food stores around the country.

I spoke with the owner several times and have developed a good business relationship. The new products coming online soon are:

  • Cognizin Citicoline (Brain function)
  • D-Ribose Powder (Heart Health)
  • L-Glutathione Reduced (Antioxidant, anti-aging)
  • Seleno Excell Selenium (GI health)
  • Natural Vitamin-E (Vitamin, Anti-oxidant)

Working hard for you! -Garey

For your shocking enjoyment and inspiration!

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