proud papaIf my report highlighting the six major benefits hasn’t been enough, there is yet another reason to recommend Omega-3 especially if you are in the procreation stage of life. Omega-3, besides being an essential fatty acid, also increases fertility in males. Being deprived of DHA fatty acids causes infertility. While the media, including the New York Times is reporting this as news, here’s the latest study from Denmark.

This has been reported in NIH since 2012, and the numbers are significant.

Here’s a 2017 article that makes similar claims. 

As a father of 10 kids, who doesn’t want to give any of them back, I have another reason to be a proud dad, but I had a secret weapon: Omega-3s in my regimen. 

The girls gave me this shirt and hat for Christmas 2019. The Man, The Myth, The Legend, PAPA!

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