garey-recommendsAre you Facing Difficult Health Challenges?

Not getting the results you are after?

After practicing integrative nutrition as a health coach for several years, I am adding a new layer of functional medicine to my quiver of tools to help my clients. 

We are a nation facing a woeful situation in the “healthcare” industry. We spend 90% of healthcare dollars in the last years of life to try to mitigate chronic dis-ease that has been creeping into our body’s one meal at a time for most of our lives. I am seeking to make my health coaching practice into a “rapid relief” from risk factors for chronic dis-ease that is much more in-depth than changing a few habits and taking a few supplements. If you need more energy, more control over your diet, help to change your lipid profile, then read my offer.

Here’s my offer: I have space to work with 4 of you on an ongoing basis without cost to you except for any outside tests that maybe required to help diagnose and troubleshoot any difficult cases. If you are faced with perplexing health challenges, have failed to lose the weight you want to lose, if you are worried about diabetes or heart dis-ease or any other chronic conditions, if you have a health challenge for which the medical establishment has not been able to fully diagnose or help alleviate, I want to offer my help. Starting in October, I am prepared to work in 50 minute sessions twice a month to address your concerns. The charge for my time to work with you is zero dollars. What I need from you is a willingness to commit to at least 3 months of counseling which will involve 2 sessions a month for 3 months free of charge. And a willingness to work with me and take up the mind and body shifts that you want and need but haven’t been able to achieve on your own or with your current practitioners. 

If you’d like to take advantage of this offer, please fill up this short form. 



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