Five Reasons to Stick with Optimal Health Bridge

From Garey Simmons, Integrative Nutrition Coach, Omega-3 Proponent:

Reason No. 1: Our High Potency True Omega-3 Product is 700 mgs of EPA/DHA in every capsule, really high potency. We pack, cram, stuff 240 capsules in a $40 bottle. That’s 0.16 cents a capsule or 43.75 mg of EPA/DHA per penny! This is premium concentration for a really low price. Yet, we can do better.

True Omega-3

Reason No. 2 – Coupons: With your coupons the price further reduces. We will stick with True Omega-3 even though the discounts hold true throughout our product line.

With a HEALTHYU coupon (FOR RETURNING CUSTOMERS) you save 15% off the $40 and if you buy 3 at a time you save even more. $33 a bottle instead of $40 less 15%, makes it $84.15 instead of $99 per 720 capsules; now it’s only 11.6 cents per capsule.

VETERANS get 20% off (10.9 cents a capsule)

SENIORS get 20% off. (10.9 cents a capsule)

The math is good.

The value is great.

And your health, that is most important.

Let’s sweeten the deal even more.

Reason No. 3
For today and tomorrow. Thursday and Friday April 26th and 27th, we are going to add a Bottle of Vitamin C to any product order for only a penny. Limit one per order.

Vitamin C

Enhanced Vitamin C to your order for a penny!
Add to my Cart for a penny!

Click on the above link. And the offer will be there in the cart, you just click Buy next to the image of the Bottle of Vitamin C and it will be added to your cart. Buy any product on our website and add a bottle of Enhanced Vitamin C for a penny. Limit one per order.

Vitamin C-1000 Enhanced Bioflavenoids, Quercetin, and more. 60 count. Reg. $15.97 Selling for $9.97, Now a bottle for you for only $0.01 cent for coming to visit up on the website, today or tomorrow.

Reason No. 4: Get a Free 7 Day Easy to Use Pill Box Holderpill box

Add to Cart. (Free-Limit one per customer)

All American Omega-3

Reason No. 5: The first and highest potency Omega-3 that is 100% American sourced, American distilled, American sold, it’s the All American Omega-3. (10% of proceeds go to support the Wounded Warrior Project.

Bonus Reason No.6: Free Health History!

Are you looking for even better results? Get a free Health History Analysis with Garey Simmons

(Limited Offer to the next 20 people who request this.) You can download your health history form here and then send an email to to schedule a time to review.

We will speak over the phone up to 45 minutes…. free of charged!

I can think of 10 more reasons we are unique and truly here to serve your health goals and needs. But we’ll save those for another time.

Be well,

Garey Simmons

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