I had the best of intentions. I had been eating very healthy and very well for about 8 months. I had been sprinting and walking in an interval pattern for several months. My body fat was down to under 13% and muscle over 43%. Then it happened.

What happened? Nothing that I could put my finger on. I was cleaning my bathroom getting ready for visitors. Suddenly, my lower back muscles decided to lock up. I knew the feeling. But I was surprised. Old age? Stress?

I practice yoga. I am in good condition.

I thought my back muscles were being stupid. I felt betrayed.

I knew what it meant. Ice packs. Advil. Rest. More ice packs. Try to stretch.

It was a few days before I could see the chiropractor.

I have had back problems since I was young. In the 1990’s after several episodes of lower back problems, I found out about chiropractic, and how beneficial it could be to have regular treatments when a condition presented.

In 2005 I found out about yoga and was able to keep my spine in good condition by practicing yoga at least once a week.

Now this.

Fortunately my chiropractor was able to help me to understand something that I didn’t know.

My lower back muscles locked up in order to protect an inflamed disc. However I managed it, I torqued and twisted my spine in such a way that the disc was injured. The muscles locked up so I couldn’t do more damage. My muscles hadn’t betrayed me, they were protecting me.

It’s been 3 weeks.

I went for my first interval training today. Man, that was a beast. When you are in a routine, it’s so easy. But when you stop exercising, it’s really hard to turn it back on. I felt some sympathy for athletes going into training camp.

The sprinting was fine, the walking was fine, but mentally I really was discouraged by the lack of response from my body!

What’s important to remember is that muscles need a warm up period. Stretch. Stretch and stretch some more. As we get older, our bodies can fail us and we need to keep it real.

Another thing I learned from my chiropractor was that the only way discs can stay healthy is with proper nutrition. Another vitamin regimen to learn about! Exciting!

In conclusion, we can’t prevent all injuries. But we can take appropriate precautions, maintain good nutrition and be in wonder of all the miracles it takes to make our bodies work. Take a few minutes to warm up properly. If you have ever been to a baseball game or a football game you will see the players warming up before a game. Stretching the muscles that are going to be used in your exercise. If you are running or sprinting, you need to stretch the hamstrings and the quads. If you are lifting weights, you need to warm up the upper torso. Here is a document that can help you to know what to do to warm up.

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