The word of the Day Inscrutable:

impossible to understand or interpret.

“The body is magnificent and inscrutable.” 

You can say, “Nothing is a miracle.” or “Everything is a miracle.” If you choose the former and you believe that we just need to study more to figure things out. More research. More investment in science. There have been great strides in these areas. The human genome is now fully mapped. From this we can say with certainty that we share 96% of our DNA with chimpanzees. I heard Jane Goodall interviewed and she speaks Chimpanzee!

However, each SNP of DNA can contain a million or so variations. The biggest aha or take away is that our DNA has on and off switches and determining how to influence these switches are within our reach: that is our environment, our lifestyle and the choices we make. Science used to say it’s 70% genetics and 30% environment and lifestyle but in the last ten years, it’s flipped. Science has proven time and again that we have 70% control over the expression of our genes. Epigenetics a nice word that gives us hope that we don’t have to suffer the fate of our forebears. How we think, the attitudes we carry around with us all bear weight on our results or outcomes. Our DNA may indicate we are susceptible to a certain disease but we still wield the power of mindset, lifestyle and nutrition to influence our outcomes. I did my 23 and me recently and confirmed what I already suspected that my family is susceptible to type II Diabetes. (Mom, Dad and grandparents all had it.) However, digging into the details, at my present weight and eating habits, I have a 3% likelihood of falling into Type II. Said another way, I have a 97% chance of avoiding it. Hurray! 

The scientific community leans toward “nothing is a miracle, we just haven’t figured it all out yet.” Believers on the other hand, marvel at the functionality of everything. The “Everything is a miracle” attitude examines the same sets of discoveries in any and every field and marvels. There are eleven distinct physiological systems in the human body and they are all interconnected by various means of communication, mainly hormones or chemical messengers.

Your heart, if you reach your expected lifespan, will pump nearly three billion times without you so much as lifting a finger to make it happen. You are busy even while sleep as your body is conducting a billion transactions per second, throughout all your cells, absorbing, converting, assimulating, nourishing, all the while detoxifying and eliminating. To believe comes from the Greek word Pisteuo meaning to believe or trust or faith, literally means to “drink in.” Belief implies an open mindedness. We can with an open mind, view, vet and decide what works and what doesn’t. Agnosticism literally means “not knowing or ignorance.” Don’t be offended by the fact in Latin the same word is ignorance and the noun for one who doesn’t know is an ignoramus. Words are funny. I tend to believe in the goodness and graciousness of life, God, Spirit, paying it forward as in Kindness. These attitudes help me to forgive and not hold on to slights or grudges and maybe even lean a little bit towards “live and let live.” It’s also okay to be skeptical and vet ideas thoroughly. Optimism and pessimism are two sides of the same coin. The proof of course is in the pudding. What kind of results are you getting from life as we close out 2019 and embark on a new decade of adventure?

Remember your genetics are not written in stone but are written every cell in your body that has a nucleus. Since you are comprised or many trillions of cells, each of those cells are influenced by how you think, what you eat, your attitudes toward yourself and others. Probably your attitude toward yourself is most important. So be kind with yourself, take care of yourself. If you fill up your heart with this type of abundance you can afford to spill over onto others. 


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