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Twenty-five years ago, Americans knew next to nothing about pomegranates. In 1986, Lynda Resnick and her husband bought 120 acres of farmland in California. They thought they had pistachio trees. But it turned out to be pomegranate trees. What can you do with pomegranates?

The Resnicks did some research and uncovered the story of the pomegranate’s history, its versatility, and its suspected health benefits. Could this history mean they were sitting on a farm of antioxidant super heros?

Tracing the jouney of the pomegranate’s cultivation around the globe and back 4000 years, they discovered that this round red hero was such a symobol of strength in Persian culture that the army of Xerxes carried spears with pomegranates instead of spikes on the tip when they invaded Greece in 480 BC.  In ancient Eygpt, pomegranate juice was used to treat maladies from dysentery to stomach aches, as well as intestinal worms. In India, the pomegranate became a symbol of prosperity and fertility; in China, of fertility . In Isreal it was said to help prevent heart dieseae. And after the heroic furity had displayed its cancer fingting prowess in Europe, its picture was added to the British Medical Association’s hearaldic crest in tribute.

These historic anecdotes spurred the Resnicks to increase their acreage of pomegranate trees to 18,000 and fund scientific research to investigate the benefits extolled in these stories. Buy 2009 they had spent $32 million on medial studies and found that the storied benefits were true. Pomegranate juices had a particularly beneficial effect on prostate cancer and type 2 diabetes, as well as cardiovascular disease.

(adapted from Tell to Win, Peter Guber, 2011, Crown Publishing)


We could call this product Adrenal Support. It works well to help with thyroid conditions but the amazing ingredients from the Ayurvedic Sciences willhelp with many adrenal conditions. It’s broad spectrum in this regard. We are basically giving it away at 50% off.

Most Powerful natural ingredients to bring hormonal balance and health to every cell in your body! Helps to control the toxic amino acid called homocysteine. Homocysteine has been linked to LDL cholesterol.

A. Zamani, M.D.
Department of Internal Medicine, SUMS

Homocystine is an amino acid, which is known for its congenitally acquired disease, Homocystinurea. Research ers have proposed that elevated plasma Homocystine may be associated with atherosclerosis. Patients with mild to moderate hyperhomocytinemia (seen in 5-7%of population) may be asymptomatic until third and forth decade that they may refer with coronary artery disease or recurrent arterial or venous thrombosis. Sever hyperhomocytinemia is relatively rare and is usually seen as homocystinurea. Normal plasma level of Homocystine is 5 – 15μmol/l (higher in men than premenopausal women). Causes of hyperhomocystinemia include: 1- enzymatic defects (Cystathione -synthase deficiency (the most common enzymatic defect), MTHFR deficiency, Methionine synthase deficiency), 2- dietary deficiency (folate, Vit B12, Vit B6) and 3- other causes (renal failure, liver disorders, hypothyroidism, malignancy including breast, ovarian or pancreatic cancers and drugs (such as methotrexate, trimetoprim, cholestyramine, colestipole, phenytion, carbamazepine, niacin, theophylin, cyclosporine and fibric acid derivatives). Treatment of hyperhomocysteinemia is vitamin supplementation and nutritional intervention.

Vitamin B-12 is very difficult to get into the body without being destroyed by the digestive system. The “Feel Good” shot as it is called is given by doctors by injection to get B-12 directly into the blood stream. This increases energy.

Now, with Sublingual B-12, by letting the small tablet melt under the tongue, the B-12 is release directly into the blood stream.

Many folks report sustained levels of increased energy from just two tablets a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon.


Antibiotics are the primary cause of fungal Candida. They can change the health of your body permanently. Antibiotics take a normal physiological response to an imbalance in the body and turn it into a pathogenic, disease producing process. Antibiotics destroy the natural bacterial flora that helps to keep candida in check. Eliminating large bacterial colonies eliminates the competition and enables the candida to have a bigger share of the pie.

One study showed that 98% of the Candida yeast had converted to its fungal form within 24 hours of being exposed to antibiotics. Another study showed that from 4-72 hours later, it was destroying tissues within the liver and pancreas.

As bacteria are destroyed by antibiotics, they break down and release substances from within their cells that promote inflammation and tissue break down. One of these inflammatory substances, peptidoglycan (PGN) has been found to directly stimulate candida to change from its yeast to fungal form.

Antibiotics also suppress immune system responses and function, which enable the fungal candida to evade immune cells and grow unchecked throughout the body.

When antibiotics indiscriminately destroy the good and bad bacteria of the intestinal tract, they affect the normal pH of the gut. The bacteria help to keep the pH of the intestinal tract in an acidic range through secretions of acids and enzymes. Without these acids, the pH becomes more alkaline. This creates an environment that stimulates and promotes active fungal growth. Candida continually demonstrates an amazing ability to adapt to changes in its environment at lightening-like speeds.

Research shows that a deficiency of nutrients can also stimulate the yeast-to-fungal change, as the candida will go in search of nutrients elsewhere in the body’s tissues, much as you or I would go shopping if there were no food in the house. The fact that candida grows on the nutrient barren plains of our body’s skin surface is a good example of how well it can survive under different conditions.

To restore health and vitality in the body, the candida needs to be reduced to its yeast form once again. Additionally, the body needs to detoxified, the immune system boosted, and the beneficial bacterial flora needs to be re-implanted into the body’s tissues. The intestinal tract is considered to be the densest ecosystem of bacteria on the planet.

There are an estimated 100 trillion cells that reside within it. Restoring and maintaining the balance of this system will have a tremendous impact on our health and how we age. We now have enough information to enable us to activate the life force within us and make the right choices for leading a healthy vibrant life. Try Candida for 50% off!

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50% OFF This Weekend Only!  Use Coupon Code LABORDAY

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