Consulting with Clients

I want to relate a story, something that happened this week. A long time client who is thoroughly “sold” on our True Omega-3 product and health philosophy called and had a good friend with him on the phone.

The friend was on prescription drugs to combat high triglycerides. I gave him my story of high triglycerides, yet he was convinced that nothing could be done about his hugely big numbers, except prescription drugs.

He’d been quite the athlete in his day, wrestled and was a semipro MMA fighter.

I explained why Omega-3s work to lower triglycerides and how he could get better numbers naturally and possibly go off the medications in consultation with his doctor if he committed to doing just a few things.

Then I said, “Let’s talk about your diet. You know where triglycerides come from?” Now he’d been to several doctors and cardiologists over the last 13 years and he had never heard what I was about to say. “Triglycerides are fats in the blood that are produced from eating sugar, starchy foods, like bread and potatoes and just about any processed foods.”

“Man, I love bread. I don’t see how life’s worth living if I can’t eat bread!”

I could give my client’s friend some “natural” supplements and “natural pills” to replace the pharmaceutical medications and get nearly the same results, without the side effects. That would be good. But if he were willing to give up a few starchy foods and replace those with alkalizing vegetables he would be heading off the problem before it got so bad. It’s the old analogy of a fence at the top of the cliff or a hospital at the bottom of the mountain.

My recommendations is True Omega-3 (3 capsules twice a day) and Berberine from Thorne one capsule with every major meal. Give up rice, bread and potatoes and processed foods including baked pastries for a month and see what happens to your body, your fat percentage and your triglycerides.

I ended up asking him to consider if having a few extra years with the grandkids would be worth giving up starchy foods at least for a while and see if this “anti-aging” therapy is worth it. I know it’s a hard thing to do. The first time I heard the “Give up bread” speech it seemed ridiculous to me. But after doing it for a year, I can say it’s worth it.

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