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Is there a Magic Pill?

As you well know, heart disease, cancer & diabetes are the three chronic diseases afflicting 21st century human beings. It’s generally believe that all chronic disease stem from chronic inflammation in the body which can arise from less than optimal food. (Transfats, processed foods, bleached sugars, chemicals for preservation, etc.) But we are not going to play the blame game today. We’d like to think there is a magic pill to protect you from all three, but there is not. Sorry! However, we do a pill that comes very, very close.

The hurdle is getting over is the fact that these diseases are mostly self-inflicted and therefore, preventable. The promise of abundant health, optimal health is in the fact that you are what you eat. You’ve heard that. In fact a French philosopher said that in 1847. But there is something else: you are what you think. The nutrition you take in is fuel for the body. The thoughts you think determine where you go in life; with your permission, I’ll the say A Word: ‘attitude’. Health is a made up of physical and mental or spiritual components. If you agree, keep reading.

The basis of all health: Without this component, you cannot access all that you can be. True Omega-3 High Potency Essential Oils. The big secret to Omega-3 Super High Potency Fish Oil is that you have to subscribe to a daily regimen. I’ll grant you this is not as easy as it seems. Well, I take that back. It is easy if you have the right attitude. It only take 15 seconds to pop some capsules in your mouth, swig some water and then. Protection from the big beautiful, toxic world. Then what happens?

The HOW is Important: Take two capsules three times a day, or three capsules twice a day. In life, timing is everything! I prefer the morning and evening dose. Just easier. This will give you 4.2 grams of super molecules EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), long chain fatty acids, proven to reduce the risk of inflammation, coronary disease and sudden death from heart attack. This is important. This will prevent most illnesses and set you up to have a healthy blood lipid profile. Make your doctor happy, Go ahead.

But, there is a PROBLEM with most FISH OIL. If you get fish burps, God forbid, I hate to say it, you will give up. You won’t take them. You’ll quit. And I don’t blame you. No one likes a product that isn’t pleasant or easy, unless you are committed.  Therefore, you need a product that is easy to put in your mouth, easy to swallow and won’t causes side effects, like fish burps.

For a very limited time, you can buy 240 capsules, 120 capsules or 60 capsules at a heat of summer price reduction.. You can buy as many bottles as you want using these price reduction links:

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I’ll even pay for the shipping and handling out of my own pocket. True Omega-3 is pleasant to put in your mouth, just a hint of sweetness in your mouth. The capsules are easy to swallow. And you’ll know you are doing something good for your body.

Be brave, be bold and be healthy,

Garey Simmons


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