Gather round the campfire and let Uncle Garey tell you a juicy story about juice. Juicing has several meanings and it can be easily misunderstood.

Have you ever been to a pancake house on a Sunday morning and the smell of bacon and eggs perfume the air? There stacks of flapjacks and invariably the tall glasses of OJ adorn most tables. What’s the most dangerous food in the establishment? Some would say bacon, or the syrup, but really the most insidious enemies are the ones you just don’t know are the enemy.

I loved Orange Juice growing up. I loved it with the pulp but the kind with calcium added tasted totally artificial. At an evening seminar way back in 2005 I asked the healthy living doctor about Orange Juice, healthy?

“NO” was the emphatic response. “By the time it’s in your refrigerator it’s just sugar water. If you want vitamin C, eat a real orange.”  SHOCKER! Well the upside was I could stop wasting $3 a gallon for sugar water.

The same evening I learned that bread was nothing more than sugar too! (Carbs are sugar especially the simple carbs in sweet things and most especially processed foods. Even if it’s a potato chip that you think may not be sweet because it’s lathered in salt. It’s still extremely sweet, full of carbs. If you have ever performed a fast of 3 days or more and then begin to eat regular food, it’s amazing the sweetness you can taste in foods that you never thought as being sweet. It’s like our taste buds are whacked by processed foods and we really can’t discern very well because we are so bombarded by artificially sweetened foods.

Water by far is the very best drink on the open market and most Americans simple don’t drink enough and are dehydrated.  Some would argue for Scotch or Bourbon, but I’d say stick with water unless you are a Don Draper type who has to have whiskey for lunch.

If you get bored by water, the next best drink would be herbal teas. Green tea is especially rich in antioxidants that have been shown clinically to fight free radical damage. (also known as aging.)

JUICING by athletes. This kind of juicing is illegal for the most part. Juicing: as in the use of steroids or artificial means of increasing performance with synthetic or banned substances. There is a reason they are banned. Use and overuse of these substances are dangerous.

Of course for every rule there is a loophole and some athletes go to great lengths to try to beat the system. But even very rich guys like Alex Rodriguez are susceptible to getting caught. Apparently in the very high level of competitive sports, some say, everybody does it to some extent or another.

Juicy, the adjective can be applied to stories, steak and even sexy people. We should all be juicy in some sense. We should be desirable. We should be mouth watering (at least to our mates!) We accomplish this by Healthy Living!

Healthy Living provides juice.

The idea of kayaking on a river is pretty juicy to me.

Climbing in rough terrain in the mountains is pretty appealing. Beats walking in the mall. But mall walking beats sitting on the couch. It’s all relative.

Of course Juicing could also mean using a juicer to express the juice not only out of fruit but also out of juicy vegetables. This kind of juicing has been used successfully in radical weight loss, cancer treatments and a host of immune disorder issues.

Fruits are primarily acidic and vegetables are primarily alkalizing. The ratio of veggies to fruit whether you are eating or juicing should be a minimum of 5 to 2. Five servings of vegetable to two fruits. Given that our food supply is so tainted with the pro-inflammatory foods it’s best to go overboard with veggies. You can’t really go wrong no matter how many or how much veggies you eat.

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Stay juicy my friends.

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