No, bigger! 

Big SALE! 

Well, you get the idea:

From now til September 3rd, get $23 off any order of $100 or more. Yeah, it’s back to school. It’s Labor Day. 

Now is the time to get restocked on your favorite Optimal Health Bridge supplements and vitamins. 

What’s the Code? 


This code is for 95% of our products, but exceptions include other brands from other companies offered on our website. 

For everything else, this is the deal. ZJ8WX. Click here to visit the new store. 

IMMUNITY – Coupon Code has been extended to September 3rd. 

This code is for the purchase of 12 or more bottles of Epicor, our premiere, tried and true,  one capsule a day, Immune Support Wonder. 

This is especially important for anyone who meets the general public during their regular work day or if you are susceptible to colds and flu. 

The price will never be lower than this special. You may wonder why I am practically giving it away.

Well, honestly our vendor ordered us 500 bottles extra by mistake. We have to move the stock! (By the way, the shelf life of this amazing product is THREE YEARS, this has been clinically tested and a 3 year old capsules will provide the same protection as new stock! These bottles won’t expire until 2015 or 2016. Stock up now!)

We have some travel size bottles of True Omega-3 in the 60 count size. Until September 3rd, we will put one bottle for free in any order of $100 or more, automatically, as long as supplies last. 

Save yourself from gingivitis, gum disease and oral surgery. This tried and proven Oral Care Irrigator Hydrofloss is on sale for $32 off! And ships for FRRRREEEE! No coupon needed. 

We’ve added Vitamin D3 to True Omega-3 that is sourced from Alaska. We also have the same formula from Norway without the Vitamin D3. This Vitamin is lacking in most Americans. It’s now the most often requested patient requested test in America. Even though it is summer, and vitamin d can be made by being in the sun. We hide from the sun. We lather on sun block if we have to go in the sun. We spend most of the sunshine hours in our homes, offices and cars. Vitamin D3 is truly lacking and responsible for scores of bodily functions. Don’t be robbed. 

Use this link to go to the Vitamin D3 added True Omega-3: It’s $44 for one bottle, $114 for three, but with the above mentioned discount of $23 off per $100 ordered. It’s only $91! Amazing deal for 720 soft gel capsules! Easy to swallow and with no burps. 

Use this link to go to the True Omega-3 without Vitamin D3. 


Two Must Reads:

Bad Pharma by Ben Goldacre  How Big Pharma Misleads Patients (and Doctors!)

The Bullet Proof Executive. It’s a blog not a book. Describes a body hack using super duper premium coffee and healthy fats to maximize ketosis for healthy weight loss. Still a controversy but rather amazing. Just make sure you eat well during the afternoons and evenings. This is not an excuse to pig out on junk. 

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