This is Coach Garey sending you best wishes for a happy and safe Labor Day weekend. I know it’s a big change in getting kids (grandkids) back to school, getting ready for the seasons to change. Time marches on.
It’s really important to remember to breathe. Because of the hurried pace of our lives and society’s demands at large, we have become shallow breathers. We mostly sit at desks and we may not be getting enough exercise. When you see this, make a point to take a good long, slow deep breath! Feel the difference…
Here’s a reminder: Don’t jog on a busy road. Not only is it dangerous with non-attentive drivers texting while driving but you are also ingesting fumes which you are burying hydrocarbons deep into your lungs. Don’t do it.
Find a park or woods or nature trail to walk, jog or run. Even the gym would be better than ingesting all those chemicals.
Lastly, I want to encourage you to explore your dietary supplement regimen. We are off-center in the way we eat, the way we’ve been trained and taught. We need to make better choices, eat more natural foods and stay away from processed foods as much as possible.
Here’s my current regimen: (I am 64)
*True Omega-3 (am and pm)  cardiovascular & brain health benefits *Berberine (with every meal) Aid for stable Blood Sugar
*5-MTHF 5mg (once daily)This is for mood / anxiety
*Epicor (once daily – immunity)*Vitamin D3 5000iu (once daily)
*Max Prostate Support ( twice daily)
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Stay Healthy My Friends
If you have questions:877-572-3444
Garey Simmons
Integrative Nutrition Coach

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