Look, I am nice guy (usually) and like to play by the rules. However, I am not afraid to tell it like it is.

Until February 2011, I was a RES-Q reseller. We had a great 5 year run with RES-Q and I freely admit that they have good products. I know they work, because they worked for me. I also freely admit that we picked up a lot of customers through this relationship because of the work of Tim Shields the founder. The grown up children of Mr. Shields now have the reins of the company and as a matter of course, things change.

I also give credit to our success as RES-Q distributors because we are little guys who tried harder. Every customer is precious. We were and still are customer centric. We don’t have rules that shut people out. Nor are we rude to our customers. We picked up a lot of customers from N3 Inc because the success and hard work of Tim Shields was not always carried on by the present day leadership and staff of the Res-Q company. Their loss, our gain and hopefully your gain. After all, you are the judge and jury and your verdict is the one that counts!

We are at the one year anniversary mark of parting company with N3 Inc.

Today I visited the N3 Res-Q site and had to thank my lucky stars that we left their company.

The only two resellers that signed the February 2011 agreement are being undercut by Res-Q. They force the reseller to sell a 3 pack of RES-Q 1250 at $123 and on the Res-Q site, it’s still $96.99. One of the resellers has taken to offering commemorative coins on Ebay as it seems they can’t make money with Res-Q. Once a thriving distributor, now has no rank or traffic at all. 

N3’s Res-Q website is still very difficult to use and navigate. I added a package to the cart that was without description. The next screen said “true” and the rest of the page was blank. Like all of us they still have work to do with their website.

However, for those of you who use Red Rice Yeast or LDL-less, this was shocking. 

Their one bottle price of LDL-Less is $32.95 and we sell essentially the same product, same potency, same quantity for $19.95. Our 3 bottle price is even better only $16 a bottle.

In a tough economy, you have to cut back. In fact, the government has curtailed our buying power with suspect fiscal policies. I dare say a dollar today is not equal to a dollar 3 or 4 years ago or even last year. So you have to look for deals.

Here’s a look.



Buy Our Red Rice Yeast and Save!

I wish everyone well, including the Res-Q company.  We all have our faults and according to the Bible, none of us are without fault. But like Avis, we try harder.

If you have any comments about my unguarded opinion, feel free to share yours!

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