The headlines this morning speak of the Secretary of State having some serious health issues. It started with a stomach flu. It’s not the first time Mrs Clinton has suffered from the flu. I am assuming as a public figure she certainly would have had her flu shot, but here she is suffering from the flu. She faints and suffers a concussion from falling. Now because of prolonged  bed rest, a blood clot develops. This a problem that is not uncommon. Now she is being treated with anti-coagulants to thin the blood.  We wish the Secretary a speedy recovery.

Now here are some lessons from Mrs. Clinton’s situation:

1) Hillary Clinton is assuredly under a lot of stress with tens of thousands of miles of air travel a month. Add to that the stress of high level and high pressure meetings, not to mention a huge state department to run and be responsible for. Any public figure or person in public service who travels a lot or meets with people in public such as bus drivers, librarians, teachers, needs to think seriously about support and boosting the immune system. Stress without relief can undermine the immune system no matter how many flu shots you get. For me it’s one capsule a day of Epicor, an  high metabolite immunogen, a natural dietary supplement. This tiny capsule packs a boat load of anti-oxidant resilience, boosts NK killer cells by up to 60%, enhances the mucosal barrier in the mouth and nasal passages with the result that you most likey won’t get the flu. I have been on this one capsule a day for 6 years. No flu shots. Just Omega-3 and Epicor predominantly. No flu, not even a cold. Period. Many of our clients are on this recurring auto ship for over five years now with similar results. Protect yourself. It’s less than fifty cents a day and even I can afford that. There are other very good adrenal support and immunity support health supplements you can try, but Epicor is my preferred choice.

2) When you are confined to bed rest it’s really hard to exercise. However, it’s easy to fall into a pattern of “not feeling like it” when it comes to exercise. When a person is physically and emotionally able to get up from bed and walk a few steps, find a way to do it. It won’t be easy. Newton’s First Law of Motion states that a body at rest will remain at rest unless an outside force acts on it, and a body in motion at a constant velocity will remain in motion in a straight line unless acted upon by an outside force. So gravity and momentum are those two forces that control inertia and movement.

By moving your body as soon as you are possibly able, you help your situation. The cardiovascular system has a pump to move the blood every moment of the day but the lymph system has no pump and relies on bodily movement to move lymph fluids. The lymph system is part of the immune system that removes cellular waste matter from the body. If you don’t move, walk, and get some exercise, you are invariably reducing the chances of a healthful and speedy recovery by impairing your lymph system. Physical therapy is really important, even for the flu! If you get the flu, take the chance to try to exercise, at least walk a few steps as often as you are physically and emotionally able.  Of course, the lesson carries forward to everyday life. Move your body. Someone once said that the principle signs of life are manifested by movement. Yet, we have become a nation of sitters. We sit at our computers, we sit with ipads on our laps, we sit in our cars. So the question to ask yourself is “When do I move my body?”  Be honest and think about how you can do better and get to moving your body more often.

Since I generally work at home, I have a built in mechanism. My two dogs love to go in and out to chase squirrels, constantly. Dogs are famous for eating, sleeping, stretching and chasing squirrels. And I don’t mind getting up from the office chair to let them in and out. It gets me moving even when I am working and writing. I heard a lecture once where the doctor implied that dog owners live longer than cat owners because dogs have to be walked every day. So whether you have a dog or not, walking every day is good advice.

I was privileged to know my great-grand father after whom I was named and it’s the reason my name is spelled oddly with an ‘e’ in it: Garey. On his way out of this life, I visited him in the hospital and he was lifting his arms above his head in the hospital bed. “What are you doing grandpa?” “I’m exercising”, he said. This was a man that was a farmer, a fur trapper and a demolitions expert in the 1800’s, born in 1880. He never had a television until he was in his late 80’s. If he found it important to keep exercising right into his 90’s and did so even the night before he passed, then we should at least take note.

3) Lastly, take an Omega-3 capsule or two or more daily, depending on your overall health. Omega-3 fish oil is a natural blood thinner and helps maintain a silky smooth consistency in the blood. See Omega-3 offers. By contrast, sugar and high glycemic carbohydrates thicken the blood. So when you are bed-ridden with the flu, don’t eat cakes, donuts, candies or ice cream. That will thicken up the blood and for older folks like me that increases the risk of blood clots. I know it’s comforting to eat sweets, but a bone broth is also comfort food that will speed recovery.

Garey Simmons, Nutritionist at-large.

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