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This video takes a hard look at the underlying conditions that cause the coronavirus mortality rates to be so high. If you are over 60, chances are you may have one or more of these conditions. It only means we need to pay attention to our health, do the very best we can to follow common sense guidelines. I hope this encourages you to practice practical self-care! 

One thing has become abundantly clear: As shocking as this sounds, the coronavirus may not be the main reason people are dying people. It’s more likely that the underlying conditions are causing this massive death and destruction. One doctor on whose treated 80 Covid19 cases said bluntly that 78 of them suffer from diabetes and 2 were prediabetic. All of them were overweight or obese. I know that is scary, right? The other factor that proves fatal is the hyper inflammation the immune system brings to bear on the virus. Stress, physical, mental and emotional exacerbates the inflammation. It’s a confluence of bad situations.  

But even in the best of times, the sad truth is that carrying extra weight taxes the body as does systemic hyper inflammation. There are many ways and factors to look at it. You can look at subcutaneous fat and then you can look at visceral fat. The visceral fat, which is fat that encases the organs can be complicating health and in the case of contracting the corona virus, certainly makes recovery a tough, uphill battle. Subcutaneous fat can act as an organ itself and produce conflicting hormones that interfere with normal health processes. Visceral fat is considered more dangerous since it interferes with organ function. The pancreas produces insulin in response to sugar consumption in the diet. Over consumption of sugar leads to overproduction of insulin and that can lead to insulin resistance. The pancreas also produces digestive enzymes for gut health. The liver is responsible for more functions that can be listed in this short article. The one main function to consider is that the liver is headquarters for detoxification. Not only does it need to detox the toxins produced inside the body as the normal sequence of elimination, the liver is also tasked with getting rid of ingested and imbibed toxins. For example, imagine a jogger trotting along the side of the road where cars and buses are passing. The toxic load of hydrocarbons could be like smoking a pack of cigarettes. Now, those drivers are not trying to kill you but, inadvertently, they are contributing to your demise, like it or not. When I have to walk down a roadside and a car passes I hold my breath for a minute then begin to breathe through my nose (filtration) and take very short breaths until the air is clear. Consider that there are several hundred toxins in our homes from chemicals, cleaners, even the carpets we walk and roll around on. 

The other dangerous underlying factors are heart disease and pulmonary conditions. In simple terms, heart disease while many factorial, is generally regarded as a disease of systemic inflammation. Since the body is already inflamed, adding the massive amount of inflammation that is generated in trying to fight this particular virus can be overwhelming. Pulmonary conditions: suffice it to say, the only thing keeping some people alive are hard to find ventilators. Below are some thoughts on short term and long term ways to manage these underlying conditions!

First of all stay positive! The body follows the mind! 

Managing these 3 sets of underlying conditions:

  1. Lose weight. If your BMI is above 25 take it seriously. In 2019, I lost 24 lbs. I needed to. I had no choice. I was in pain, had not been eating as well as I should. I used intermittent fasting which involved eating in an 8 hour a day window and fasting or “digesting” in the 16 hour window. Really it’s an 8 hour fast during waking hours and 8 hours fast while resting and sleeping. And it’s also further divided into 4 hours of fasting upon awaking and 4 hours of fast before bed. Not really too tough. The sleep component is very important to get good sleep because that is when the liver has a chance to catch up on its detoxification duties. Drinking tea or coffee (without milk or cream) in the morning does not break the fast. I break my fast around noon with a nutrient dense smoothie, consisting a highly delicious ingredients: whey powder (I like Orgain’s Keto Powder the best) frozen berry fruit, an apple, lots of seeds like hemp, flax and chia, lime water or oat milk. You can experiment to find a smoothie that does the trick for you. Sometimes, I like it thick and sometimes I make it thin. It works both ways to fulfill the mission of being healthy, nutrient dense and lacking any harmful ingredients. The evening meal is anything I like as long as it’s less than 500 calories and I eat it slowly. Eating slowly is absolutely key. As Americans, we grow up rushing our meals. From the time we are running for the school bus as kids, all the way through our careers, we rush and eat fast and scarf down our food.  I daily want to include salad as available and frozen meals from Trader Joe’s for convenience. But eat slowly. Lowering calorie intake is super important if you are overweight. Psychologically, you have to set the goals and make then attainable. I usually set my daily goal to insist to my subconscious that I wanted to weigh a few pounds less than the previous week’s weight. It’s not silly, it’s effective. The subconscious controls much of want the body does. It’s important to realize that you as an awesome human being are conducting over one billion chemical transactions every second of every minute of the day! You are powerful. Change the meaning of what it feels like to be a little hungry. I made that “hungry” feeling or those cravings mean, “man, I am getting lean and I am powerful.” These types of affirmations inform and sustain the psyche. I’ve written more on this topic if you search my blog. Lastly, I have a sweet tooth and it’s what got me into a lot of trouble. Now, I use Stevia exclusively to sweeten my black coffee and green tea. I do use protein bars that have stevia as the sweetener and avoid sucralose and aspartame entirely. If sugar is a component, at least keep the sugar under 5 grams. Many drinks you buy have 45 grams of sugar in a single bottle. THAT IS 10 TEASPOONS OF SUGAR. This is more than your great grand parents ate in a month of Sundays! I use frozen berry fruit that turns my smoothie into something akin to a “milk shake” (with no milk.) In other words, get the over consumption of sugar out of your life. Your body will thank you. It’s a scourge that is at the heart of all metabolic diseases including diabetes, heart disease and cancer. 
  2. Managing heart disease and pulmonary disease. Follow common sense. Manage those underlying conditions to the best of your ability. Don’t give up! I am going to share something that is well-known in medicine but can’t be measured in a test tube. We have this long winding nerve called the Vagus nerve that controls the overall state of the nervous system. It’s all about being in a sympathetic dominance or a parasympathetic dominance. Look at it this way. We use both states for certain reasons. You are either feeling at peace and restful or hyped up and anxious. My 42 year old son has Covid19. I asked him how are you doing? I am fine. Relaxing. Wow, You are the only one in our family that is relaxed. But relaxing and taking life’s battles in stride is the cure to most ills. Getting worried, anxious, hyped up and fearful promotes what? Illness. If we have to save a child that is under a car, our sympathetic nervous system kicks in we call standers-by and we huff and puff and move thousands of pounds of steel like super beings. But when it comes time to eat, we need to hit pause on the adrenaline and cortisol and calm ourselves so our digestion system is about to do its job. If you need super human strength, it’s not a time to eat. Get it? 
  3. Have a good talk with your body. Enlist the support of all 11 of your biological systems. Get all parts on the same page with intention and affirming the truth. Take care of your gut, your microbiome and your microbiome will take care of you. There are more messages sent to your brain from your gut than the other way around. Those “gut instincts” we have are worth paying attention to because there is a confluence of wisdom and the billions of cells that comprise who your are will do a better job if all systems are working together. 
  4. Nutrient dense foods and supplements: First off, eat well. If and when you choose to eat, don’t insult your body with junk. Junk is junk. Food is food. Eat real food. I’d focus on a few basic supplements like a food based multi-vitamin, blood sugar support and blood pressure support and the cornerstone of all supplements – High potency Omega-3s. It can only help and can’t hurt you. Use medications only under the guidance of a doctor and consider that in the last ten years, holistic nutrition and functional medicine have advanced the cause of health exponentially. My email address is service@ohb3.com. My phone number is 877-572-3444. You can also text this number for quick questions. 

Be well, stay safe and look to helping out wherever and whenever you can. 


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