If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,  the old saying goes.

But with Health Care something is broken. The medical establishment is not a wellness business. Wellness is such a minor part of what we call health care. I got evidence to prove it.

Johns Hopkins Institutions provide a Wellness Promotion Program and employs 4 Health Coaches to serve 55,000 employees. The service is free to employees through their employer provided insurance. You’d think those 4 coaches would have heavy case loads. They don’t. They fill their time with other projects.Why is it under utilized? I don’t know. I am trying to find out.

Costs continue to rise (astronomically).  It’s really “Sickness Care.” Let’s face it: we don’t go to the doctor because we are well. We go to hospitals when something is terribly wrong.

But I will make a case that this is something that is broken that can be fixed with a little focus, perseverance and duct tape. Being a man, I have got to duct tape something. I have a roll in my car, in my kitchen, on the work bench, on the shelf leading to the basement, in several drawers around the house. I love duct tape! Did you know that you can apply duct tape to a wart and the wart will disappear in a few days?

The mindset about sickness care is what is broken. It’s a too little and too late perspective. Am I the only one that feels like I am forever a day late and a dollar short?

Actually, I had a interesting occurrence with my daughter yesterday. Since she had the day off and neither of us had lunch, I invited her to Panera one of her favorites restaurants. I checked the oil in her 1999 Honda and it was a quart low, she had no windshield wash in the wash fluid tank. I showed her how to check the oil and we added a quart. As I drove to the shopping center, I tried the windshield wipers and it looked like rubber bands were flying everywhere. So off to Wally World to get some wipers. We picked up a few items and I had a store card with a few bucks left on it. She had a $10 bill. The reckoning was $18.86. There was exactly $8.87 left on my card, so added to her $10, we had a penny left over. It went into the leave a penny take a penny dish next to the register.

So how to fix a broken health care or sickness care system? Yes, the Four Pillars of Health, if paid attention to, will go a long way in keeping you out of the hospital and productive and active throughout your life.

Let’s review:

Mind State: The power of mind to create, to lift up, to create pleasure and beauty, wealth, prosperity. The mind is a beautiful thing.

The same mind has the ability to cause pain, discomfort, discouragement and sickness, to start wars and take life.

The Power of the Mind creates the placebo effect. That’s right in almost all cases, clinical studies have to allow for a 3 – 8% placebo effect that those taking the sugar pill will get the same results as the test medication expected to remedy a problem. That’s the power of the mind to create body chemistry based on expectation.

The battles in life are fought first in the mind. Before a Navy Seal deploys and enters the war zone, the war is fought in his mind. Before a quarterback takes the field, the game has been played in his mind.  When it comes to advancing health throughout the body, the mind must be engaged in a positive way. Remember the story about which wolf you are going to feed? Which wolf are you feeding?

Exercise: You cannot stay fit and healthy without moving your body. It’s amazing how many people don’t exercise for even 30 minutes a day. In centuries gone by, we worked all day in the fields or hunted and scavenge for our sustenance. In today’s world, the big hunt begins with opening an automatic sliding door by walking towards it. You wrestle other shoppers for that $4.88 three pound BBQ chicken. (Sam’s Club pricing.) You spot a 3 lb bunch of Fair Trade bananas and pounce on them and add them to your oversized shopping cart. Yes, you came, you saw, you conquered. You pulled out a piece of plastic, paid for your purchases and your family can eat. The amount of exertion for your shopping trip? 100 calories at best.

You have forty-eight 30 minute slices to choose from everday. You can even choose 3 separate 10 minute slices if you wish to keep your body engaged. How intense does it have to be? You should get your breath going to where you are just a bit winded. Then back off for a bit then back on again. Of course you won’t do it unless you create the belief in your mind that this is really what you want to do. So when I say 80% of health is mind state, I really mean it.

Diet: Can you let go of some processed food-like substances you munch on and eat more real food? Like 2 servings of fruit a day and 5 servings of vegetables? Hard? Yes, but you don’t have to wait til dinner to try to cram five servings of veggies into a single meal. You can start in the morning. Most instructors now recommend five small meals a day. This is how Navy Seals eat. Go to www.SealFit.com to learn more.

Sleep: Good rest at night is imperative to good health. Block out LEDs, cell phones, radio clocks, TVs and computers. Don’t be staring into a light emitting screen for at least an hour before bed. There are other things you can do: read a book, spend time with kids, talk with your spouse. Good sleep is a reset button for all sorts of body dynamics. Books have been written about it. If you are not sleeping as well as you should, challenge yourself to get that fixed. Not with medications but with attitude.

If you put awareness on these four areas, you will be able to prevent most health problems. And that is the same as saving yourself a lot of money. 

Just try it and see.

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