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You know I am a health coach and my desire is to help my circle stay healthy, live healthy and recover from setbacks with dignity using the tools our bodies give us, that is lifestyle and nutrition and right thinking. Today I am embarking on a challenge to write to you each morning with at least a single lesson that I’ve learned or something that illuminates my life. So here goes! My commitment is for 90 days. Hang with me.
I’ll post these on my blog as well so there will be a place to review, at least for me. I’ll figure out a link and a place and let you know.
No pictures, no fluff just good thoughts that may be a help.
Today’s Lesson: It’s about them not you!
Do you get nervous around people, colleagues, a room full of people or an audience that you have to speak in front of?
This is an easy one to flip…
Just remember it’s about them, it’s not about you.
I was a member of Toastmasters for a few years. The first year, I tried really hard to write good speeches, but I could never remember all those words. I learned that all great speeches are stories of your own experience. If there is something worth sharing that will benefit others, you have a great speech just waiting to pop out.
I invited a friend to attend a Toastmasters contest. He had been a member in previous years. He said to me, “It’s about them, it’s not about you. When you get in front of a group, with all the eyes on you, you think its about you, but it’s not. Whatever your message is, just realize that someone in the audience is in need of that message. That’s the attitude that brings confidence when you are on stage.”
Related to this idea is the way to become a very popular conversationalist and that is simple to learn to be a good listener. Here’s an article that may help…

Hope that helps…

Garey Simmons

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