A New Year, A New YOU?

What’s is going to be for you in

This year?

I want you to think about something that you probably haven’t thought about in the whole of 2010.

It’s your liver…it’s mainly responsible for your renewal!

It’s your largest glandular organ. Like your heart, it works hard every day. New cells are being created daily and by June 2011, there will be a new you but will it be a better you? That depends.

The liver

  • Purifies your blood.
  • Detoxes your body.
  • Produces crucial compounds to keep you healthy and alive.

If your liver stops functioning you will turn into an ashen ghost. I know because it happened to me in 1978. While on a mission in India, I contracted a severe case of hepatitus. I turned into a ghost and I nearly died.  Thanks to a diet of boiled squash, boiled rice, grapes and some Ayurvedice supplements, I survived and got my life back in about a year.

So I have 3 things for you to do to enhance and give a little respect to your liver.

Remember January 1st is here. It’s a good time for renewal.

Take Care of your Liver and your Liver will Take Care of YOU

On Defense:

  • avoid alcohol,
  • avoid recreational drugs, and
  • avoid toxic substances;

On Offense:

  • eat a healthy diet;
  • engage in moderate exercise;
  • and take measures to manage stress and fatigue.

Detox your Liver. How? Simple.Being a big advocate of using dietary supplements, to fill in where we just don’t get things we need, these are the ingredients I recommend and are very needed to enhance your liver’s health:

  • Schizandra
  • Milk Thistle
  • Dandelion Root
  • Rosemary Leaf

These ingredients, when used appropriately, amount to a Liver Detox. They are “liver-trophic” antioxidants. They will collect around the liver and aid in detoxing the detoxer, your liver.

Coincidentally, we have enough stock on hand for a 3 month supply to the first about 50 people who want a clean and fully functioning liver in 2011. Do this once in 2011 and you won’t have to repeat it until 2012.

Alas, most people don’t care much about their liver. In fact, one man I knew at age 57 died of liver disease in 2010. It brought home the point that you can’t ignore your body and get away with it. At some time you will have to pay the fiddler.
So let’s ante up now before it becomes medically critical.

Let’s build a fence at the top of the cliff and maybe we won’t need the hospital to fix us up after we’ve done the damage (to a vital organ.) Now, to something very important… the price!

What you get:

  • 3 Bottles of Liv-Enhance (for a total 360 veggie caps – take 2 caps twice a day with a meal.)
  • 1 Bottles of Dandelion Root (for a total of 100 caps – take 1 cap once a day with a meal.)
  • Also included in the package is a 60 minute class with Vaughn Gray explaining GI Health, how to enhance your health.

By the end of March, you will have luminous skin tone, better digestion, better metabolism among other great benefits. More than likely you will also be a few pounds lighter IF you follow the suggestions Vaughn makes in the class on GI health. The best thing is that the detox need not be repeated until 2012 although some people like to do the program twice a year.


The pricing will revert back to $29.95 a kit at the stroke of midnight on December 31st!

Yes Garey, I agree, it is important to take care of my liver and now is the best time to do it. 

Such an unbelievable price!  Check it out

Submit your questions for Garey and Vaughn by writing to: Service@ohb3.com

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