Everyone screams, “Great Food, Great Service.” Of course, that’s what restaurateurs strive for. But there is a contrary philosophy. So the story goes, a restaurant owner in the great state of Texas rented a billboard a 1/4 mile from his establishment. “Lousy Food, Bad Service. Stop on by.” Of course, it was so humorous that many people stopped in.

There are restaurants that actually provide insults to the customer and there are customers that for a good laugh will come in and partake of the lousy food and cruddy service. Reverse psychology at it’s best. Zag when everyone else is zigging.  What about Heart Attack Cafe in Los Angeles? They build greasy burgers smothered in cheese, plastered with fried toppings. And true to form there have been two heart attack victims taken to the hospital in the middle of their culinary delights. Trans fats are no laughing matter. This type of man-made fats are the culprit in many heart attacks. The molecules of this fat get hooked into the cells in such a way, it’s almost impossible to get it out except by surgery. We live in a toxic world. Don’t jog on a road with lots of cars, you are not doing aerobics, you are sucking in fumes into the deep tissue of your lungs. These are carcinogenic and will kill you over time. Breathe fresh clean air. Hike in the foothills away from the madness. Eat what is healthful and good for you. Lighten up on the heavy greasy foods, drink plenty of pure water, get enough exercise each day to prove that you are human.


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