Happy St. Valentine’s Day!
Garey Simmons is an Holistic Health Coach, a specialist in the field of heart health nutrition!

“February is Heart Health Month and on this occasion, I would like to offer you a prescription for optimal health. Take a uniquely special 25% off your first month’s supply of the Omega-3 protocol. Only $44.96 for a two month supply. We will send you the package every two months. Enjoy your beautiful heart.”

Regularly priced for $79.95 now only $67.95 for a two month supply! And only $59.95 every two months on Convenience Auto Ship. Learn more at www.optimalhealthbridge.com/protocol

LoveYourHeart – all one word – is the coupon code to save 25% off your first order of the Omega-3 Protocol. This coupon will expire on February 16th.


This Protocol is for the health conscious individual who wants to make a noticeable, significant difference in their health.

The Omega-3 Protocol: (It’s a two month supply!)

120 Capsules of True Omega-3 700mgs of EPA/DHA (Powerful)

120 Capsules of Antarctic Krill Oil (Fast Acting)

120 Capsules of High DHA Omega-3 Calamarine (Smart)

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