Part 2 of Series:

Can My Mental Attitudes Really Affect
My Heart Health?
Simple Ways to Promote a Healthy Heart
and Lower Your Risks of Heart Disease
“As a Man Thinketh, So is He” – WILLIAM JAMES

Question: What Role Does Mental and Spiritual Attitude have in Health and Heart Health in Particular? Let’s look at the role of Attitude, Inspiration and the undefinable quality of Love on human beings

Get Negative Stress Out of Your Life. Replace negative stress with POSITIVE STRESS.

Negative stress:

  • Mood Swings
  • Anxiety
  • Skin Problems
  • Tiredness
  • Muscle tension
  • Poor concentration
  • Changes in sleep patterns
  • Changes in eating patterns
  • Low self-esteem
  • Poor memory

As I am editing this part of the series to post on the website, I am in the mountains of Colorado attending and event called Seminar of the Century – Woodstock of the Mind. The first presenter was a great man by the name of Alan Cohen. He spoke passionately about the power of spirit and the difference in the way people can hold thoughts in their mind. I bought several of his books. One is entitled, ” Are You as Happy as Your Dog?

Learn to Enjoy Yoga – it’s fun and easier to learn than you think. No competition and it’s just about you and your breath and centering your focus. Cardiologists across the country are now understanding that yoga and the centeredness it brings speeds recovery of post cardiac surgery.

Being One with your Purpose: Do what you are supposed to do with your life. If you are unsure of what you are meant to do or want to do, then take The Passion Test (I talk about the passion test in the linked article. But there is a book that gives the whole story written by Chris and Janet Attwood.)

If you don’t want to buy the book, let me give you a short version. Take a piece of paper and begin writing, “In my ideal life, I ______________________. Do this a minimum of 15 times, so you 15 sentences at least that express what you really want out of life.

Some examples,
  • In my ideal life, I have a successful thriving business.
  • In my ideal life, I am a great parent.
  • In my ideal life, I live by the water.
  • In my ideal life, I can vacation 1 week every month.
  • In my ideal life, I have fun every day.
  • In my ideal life, I am songwriter.
  • In my ideal life, I live in my dream home
  • In my ideal life, I drive an Infiniti.

You get the idea. This is about you. We just don’t take enough time for ourselves in this busy, fast paced society. Two percent of the population have defined, clearly written out goals that become blueprints for their success and happiness. What are the other 98% doing? Reacting and repellng the goodness that could be theirs if they would only take the time to get in the driver’s seat and take control of their lives. At the recent Aspen event, Mark Victor Hansen stated he has over 6,000 goals written out. No wonder this man has sold hundreds of millions of books. Oh, by the way, one of his new goals is to sell 1 billion books in one day. He has a plan. You may be part of it!

What’s this got to do with heart health? If you are one with your purpose, you are able to handle life’s stresses. You exercise your humanity on a daily basis and look at life with gratitude and find ways to contribute to yourself, the planet, those less fortunate. It’s a brilliant way to manifest your destiny and walk in integrity.

Integrity was defined for me yesterday, when Alan Cohen said, “Integrity is when the outside matches the inside.” Alan also defned sin – Self Inflicted Nonsense. So live with purpose, live your passion and stop inflicting pain on your self with bad thoughts, that lead to bad habits that denigrate the body.

Lead a Healthy Lifestyle: Don’t do anything you, your mother or father, or your children would be ashamed of. How many nationally known preachers have been caught with their pants down, with the values they teach and hold dear, totally compromised. The list is long.

So good advice! On the other hand, Nike says, “Just Do It!” Ok. Just remember every thought, every action has consequences and in this article we want to promote good mental health and good attitudes which will lead to good decisions that will have good results, promote good health and other good results. We don’t need remorse, regret and more guilt in our lives. We have enough of that without adding to it.

This past weekend, I had the good fortune to attend an event held in Aspen, Colorado. Many famous and compassionate teachers shared lessons with us from Art Linkletter (yes, he is still alive and well at age 95, just release a new book co-written with Mark Victor Hansen – more on that later.)

More Suggestions: Find a church, community or group of like-minded people. Camaraderie and being accountable to friends helps keep us on track.

Appoint an Accountability partner or partners. Find someone to hold you accountable in your health and life goals: Go over your written goals with them on a daily or weekly basis, whatever you can work out. I did an exercise once with a partner where upon making a commitment together we did something that no one who has not done the exercise before would consider possible, yet we accomplished it with ease. No, I can’t tell you what we did. It would spoil the fun when you get your chance!


GOLDEN GUIDE NO. 3 – Will have some insights into exercise and movement as a part of heart health.

Stay Healthy and Live Long,


Garey Simmons


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