Inflammation is the root of all chronic illness and disease. How do I know this? Because of my left big toe. Yesterday, “The Blind Side” was on TV. I had seen this movie before and didn’t need to watch it again. But it did compel me to look up Michael Oher and see what he’s up to and where he is playing ball. He helped the Ravens for a couple of years including the big win in the Super Bowl in the Dome in New Orleans despite the black out in the stadium and everyone in the stands using their cell phones to try to light the place up. Life is weird.

Last evening I read about Michael Oher and the trade the Ravens made sending him to Tennessee. And then after a rather dismal injury laden season he was traded to the Carolina Panthers to help protect Cam Newton. His injury? His toe.

This morning I woke up with a big toe that felt like it was out of joint. I couldn’t walk well. I had to hobble down the stairs. If I moved my big toe, it really hurt. So being in “pain avoidance” mode I limped and hobble on the way to the kitchen to get my morning coffee.

It’s truly amazing how debilitated one becomes with a little toe joint pain. I figure this was a type of inflammation called Gout. My dad had it and I am aware that I can have a tendency to have inflamed joints if I don’t watch what I eat. What did I eat this weekend? Lots of pasta. We had pasta dishes two nights in a row. It’s delicious no doubt, but you there is a price to pay for every action. For every action there is an opposite reaction…. Or something like that.

I found a functional medicine doctor I like who has a pretty nice website. She mentions 4 supplements that will help to stave off inflammation. Three of these we carry in our store.

Vitamin D3, Omega-3, DHEA. The fourth is 5-loxin or Boswelia which I will have to research. In the meantime, I am wiggling my toe and getting the kinks out. I’ll take N-Flam-Ease and see how much that can help.

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