My Heart Health Secret!

This is what I call my ‘never get sick again bundle’. Of course I can get under the weather, but it only last hours now and not days and certainly never weeks. These are the supplements I take everyday! My Secret to Beating Heart Disease is…True OMEGA-3! EpiCor! Vitamin D3

Big surprise?  But there is a little more to it on the front end and on the back end. The secret to any success is a superior strategy or mindset. My dad taught me how to tie my shoes and my mom taught me how to brush my teeth. Now, I know how to brush my teeth and tie my shoes. What is the secret to my success in these areas? I do the same thing over and over again. I am consistent in these areas. I have conformed my mind to a successful habit. Now, I don’t even have to think about it.

So I can tell you that you should take Omega-3s and that’s a great bit of advice. It’s only if and when you become consistent in an action that it starts to take effect.


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Now you know my story. It only took 90 days to convince me, myself and I, and my doctors that Omega-3s are essential and that they work. I am happy to report to you that am a fifteen year veteran of taking Omega-3s for my heart health. I take EpiCor for Immune Support.  I also take a multivitamin for my heart and overall health.

If you go for a walk once a week, eh, probably not much benefit in that. However, if you start with three 30 minute walks a week and work up to a daily habit do you think the 200 – 300 calories you burn per session will have a compound effect? How about toned muscles, expanded lung capacity, more efficient cardio function? It just takes a little bit of consistent action over a period of time.

It’s one of those weird laws of nature, you have to prove to yourself and your metabolism that you mean business.

So think about it: It’s

1. becoming aware of a need.

2. taking initial action

3. making the action consistent

4. reaping the results.

Ask me for a free consultation to make sure you are on the right regimen. Just call 877-572-3444 to make a free 20 minute appointment. 

Remember take action and make it consistent.

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