Ebola is grabbing all the headlines, but which virus is really more dangerous?

How do I protect myself and my family?

Is there really no cure?

Listed in this graphic are the differences between the Enterovirus and Ebola.

They spread differently. Enterovirus has a much higher level of contamination potential through the population since it is an airborne virus.

Ebola is thankfully a little harder to contract but the most important fact is their similarities.

Both viruses have no known vaccine or drug treatment.The experimental ones are really depleted already and it’s going to take many months to get production up and it is still experimental, never tested for this purpose. Patient Zero in Dallas is getting a smallpox treatment with the hopes it may work on Ebola.

Is there really NO CURE?

There is a cure for both viruses and we all have the potential for carrying the cure and making the antibodies right within our own bodies:

The Answer is a Strong Immune System. Yes, you heard me right. It’s seldom mentioned on those talk news shows, but once in awhile some doctor comes out and says, “Those that recover have a stronger immune system than those who don’t.” 

Strengthen Your Immune System Right Now!

Take one Enhance Vitamin C Daily and take one capsule of Epicor which has been shown to increase your NK (Natural Killer) cells by as much as 60%.

It’s really the startling fact behind my book, “How to Improve Your Health Fast.” This is for sale on Amazon but you don’t have to go buy it from Amazon. I am giving a PDF version away for Free. (Text is a little different than the Amazon version. You can download it from our shoppingcart. Add any or all of the Immune Building supplements below and download the book for FREEEEEEEEEE – oops, got a little excited there.)

It only makes sense to take every precaution you can and these two supplements are important to preserving a strong immune system. Here’s some more tips: (common sense really)

  • Eat wholesome foods including lots of vegetables and fruits and foods high in fiber
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Exercise regularly
  • Move more. Exercising once a day isn’t enough for optimum health. You need to move around as part of your day. Stand up and stretch. Walk up and down the stairs. Do a few jumping jacks or squats. At least once an hour, try to move about
  • Get enough rest
  • Find healthy ways to cope with stress: Exercise, meditation, prayer, yoga.
  • Support a strong immune system with supplements including vitamin D3, and a Probiotic

In Closing:

This is common sense healthy living advice, not a prescription for medical cures. Some things are within our human power, some things are not. Do what you can do to arm, strengthen and protect yourself and those you love.

I do not have a PhD but I did live in the Third World for over 20 years. I’ve studied nutrition and am a certified health coach.

I know how dirty and problematic those 3rd world countries are.

We are in a much better position to stay healthy than those in West Africa. Granted. But that being said, we still should take seriously the precautions mentioned above. Seriously.


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