The number of capsules a person should take daily depends entirely on the concentration of the oil and how well it is absorbed in the body. It’s not enough to say 2 capsules a day if you are only getting a total of 600 mgs of EPA / DHA from those two capsules. It also depends on our age and how well you eat, how much raw food you eat and your risk factors.

True Omega-3 is a Super High Potency Omega-3 with 400mg of EPA and 300mg of DHA per capsule. The idea is to get your ratio of Omega-3 and Omega-6 into at minimum a 4:1 ratio of Omega 6: Omega 3, although many believe that our hunter gatherer forbears had a 1:1 proportion. Many paleo adherents can achieve this.  However, most Americans are 20:1 or greater. This leads to massive inflammation in all systems of the body. This is one of the main reasons supplementation of Omega-3s are essential, besides the fact that we can’t get Omega-3s in our body without ingesting them.

Dr. Barry Sears recommends between 2.5 grams and 4.0 grams of pure EPA/DHA per day for most Americans who are facing high risk factors for heart disease. Some doctors use high potency Omega-3s in higher doses to treat bi-polar disorder and other issues. I recommend up to 8 capsules a day taken in two doses ( 4 and 4). More than this should be under the consultation with a medical or naturopathic doctor.

True Omega-3 Twice as Powerful

True Omega-3 is as close to prescription strength as is possible.

It’s a great product

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