Omega-3 Fish Oil and Heart Disease
Sam wrote,

“Thanks for the follow-up Garey.  All is good.

BTW, I have a success story for you.  I started taking the True Omega 3 .  Then after several months I changed my diet to paleo and also started moderate exercise.  For the past 20+ years my cholesterol has typically been in the low 200’s ranging consistently from 206-228.

After adding True Omega 3, changing my diet and adding some exercise, in less than 6 months . . .  I recently had blood work and my cholesterol dropped to 129!  Leading a healthy lifestyle with True Omega 3 definitely pays off.”

Garey: Sam, that’s stellar! Great job on following through and creating good habits. Consistency is key. Following through is vital! Excellent! It really makes all the work we do worth while! I appreciate you sharing the good news and allowing me to forward this to everyone for their encouragement.

If you were to search or “Google”  Omega-3 Fish Oil and Heart Disease, you’d get a page full of articles that support the use of high potency Omega-3s in the effort to stymy heart disease. And you would get one article from the New York Times with the headline dated 2012, “Omega-3 Fish Oil Doesn’t Prevent Heart Disease After All.”

Yes, despite literally thousands of studies and published papers suggesting that Fish Oil and especially Omega-3 essential fatty acids are supportive of heart health, there is still controversy. That headline is entirely superficial and written by a health writer who did not read the study. These studies come with summary abstracts and false conclusions can easily be drawn from the title of the abstract. This is lazy health journalism to be charitable.

In fact, after 8.5 years in the business of health coaching and working with real, live clients, I am more convinced than ever that two doses of Omega-3 Fish Oil daily is a must. That is if you want to live well in your hinter years. That is if you have the belief that it’s what you think, what you do with your body and how you engage with life on planet earth that has more to do with your fitness, your health, your level of vitality than your chronilogical age.

Don’t give into the idea that life happens to you. You take charge and make life happen on your terms.

For more information on the NIH studies on Omega-3 and a very cool summary from the University of Maryland, please check this out.

Best in health,

Garey Simmons

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