Celebrating Freedom

We’re celebrating freedom this weekend. Some with music, some with food, some with fireworks.

For those who have soldiers in hot zones, it’s going to be a long weekend. For those who have suffered injury on our behalf it’s going to be a long weekend.

Freedom is Never Free

The beauty of life is in its irony. Freedom is never free. It always costs something. Most of the time we stand on the shoulders of others who paid the price for the freedoms we enjoy. We think we are “free-born” but we are not. There is always a price to pay. The cycle can easily become vicious if we are not careful…

The only known antidote is Gratitude and Love. These two words represent the way forward from any kind of sacrifice made on the behalf of others.

In a time when it’s hard to trust “gummint” that they really have our best interests at heart, when scandals abound, we have to dig deep to find meaning in our lives and in our work. Stick to what’s real for you and turn off the news. If it’s important, you’ll hear about it. But don’t dirty your soul with the never ending looping circus of old stale news that has no resolution.

The way forward on any day is to be thankful for what you have and what’s coming and on its way. The way forward is to share gifts with love. It’s not the way of the world. It’s not easy but when we think of the men and women who have died or been wounded in the cause of our nation’s liberties, let’s remember to thank them for their sacrifice.

Yesterday, I got a phone call from an ex-military man. He was a trained sniper in the Iraq war. He lived through that and came out on the other side. We have business together and we will meet next week to share a cup of coffee and see how we can help each others’ businesses. I thanked him for his service. We talked about the Chris Kyle Foundation and we talked about www.VitaminsforVeterans.com, how to get that moving forward. I don’t know what the answer is but I have good questions. The answers will come. Good health, optimal health is a large part of the freedom formula. There is emotional freedom, there is physical freedom and their is freedom from disease and illness. Let’s make sure we cherish a 360 degree view of freedom. My part to play is to be there for you to give you some tools and nutritional solutions for health challenges.

Gifts of Love

All week Optimal Health Bridge customers have benefited from FREE SHIPPING. At the beginning of the week I turned that on and it was meant to be for 48 hours. But I left it on with the hopes that you’d use that incentive and a coupon to get a good deal for yourself. All day today and through the weekend, you get another double coupon for any order over $100 =-> FREEDOM <-=  Use the coupon code FREEDOM at checkout and save in double measure!

Shop on Optimal Health Bridge

Upon checkout you will have the opportunity to donate a dollar to the cause of Vitamins for Veterans. I thank you.

If in your travels this weekend to the beach or a swimming pool, you meet a vet, carry with you gratitude from what blessings you have, and you’ll attract more goodness into your life. That’s what I want and I believe it’s what you want.

Happy Independence Day!


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