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Dear Friend,

First I’d like to thank you for reading this free whitepaper. What you will learn here is the exact model we use to reduce risk factors, mitigate disease and add vibrant health to help men and women of all ages. But it’s especially important for baby boomers as time is short and seems to speed up after you hit 55. I don’t know why that is. But ask yourself if it isn’t true. Birthdays come faster. Grand kids are inches taller every few weeks. You know what I mean.

Nothing here is theory. You’ll soon learn that everything we do is used by the biggest and best holistic health practices and functional medicine institutes in the world.

There’s a reason why Americans are paying more and more for health care … and not finding true methods of curing diseases and disorders. Most drugs mask symptoms and send erroneous information to the brain creating artificial relief along with haziness and potential for bigger problems, sometime later, sometimes immediately.

The simple fact is that western medicine treats localized symptoms without paying attention to the whole person or the causes of the symptoms.

If you feel inclined to learn more about anything in this whitepaper please feel free to call us at (443) 852-1000and we’ll answer any questions you have.

We feel it’s extremely important that we have the opportunity to prove ourselves and show you results before we ask you to work with us on any level.

If you’d like more energy, better health, and more time to enjoy your grandkids, call us at (443) 852-1000 and we’ll get started completely risk free!


Looking forward to helping you realize your true health potential,

Garey Simmons


Optimal Health Made EZ



The M.E.D.S. Formula

The M.E.D.S . formula is a system of evaluating a person’s health and fitness with a clearly defined goal of improving health outcomes .

We encourage you to use this formula to evaluate your own health to see if you are living up to your potential.

The M.E.D.S. formula is not based on theory or opinion. It is the same formula that is used by every successful holistic doctor, integrative physician and functional medicine practitioner in the world.

If you follow this formula and only venture into lifestyles that meet all the criteria, your chances of success in the health are as close to guaranteed as they can be.

Let’s Begin…

The Four Pillars

Optimal health begins with…

1) Mind state, the mind connection, mind-body, there are different terms and phrases that all mean about the same thing. Attitudes, stress and beliefs all figure into the mind-body portion of health with significant effects on all health issues.

2) Exercise or moving the body. The principle signs of life are all manifested by movement. If you cease to move, you will cease to exist.

3) Diet or nutritional intake, eating whole, eating healthy, eating local. You are what you eat. That phrase arose in the 1800’s and even before that French and German philosophers said about the same thing.

4) Sleep – Learning to set a space for sleep and recuperation and repair of the body’s systems. There is a right way and a wrong way to go about sleep.

Most of us can solve our health problems by learning this paradigm. Pay attention to these four areas of life and health won’t be so much of a problem. If you are an outlier and your health problems go beyond what can be fixed by lifestyle changes, please seek appropriate medical counsel. Don’t forget to think about Chiropractic, Osteopathic and Naturopathic Medicine as part of an integrative approach as needed.

I fully recognize that there are situations including genetic defects, failed organs or environmental toxic challenges, car accidents and broken bones that make health problems an issue that goes beyond the scope of this report on health and wellness.

However, no matter where you fit right now on the optimal health continuum, all of us can benefit from the concepts and ideas here. If you could cure 80% instead of 100% of your health challenges through simple tweaks to your lifestyle and nutrition, would that make a difference in your quality of life?

The acronym for Mind State, Exercise, Diet and Sleep works out to MEDS, the natural meds to live by and if applied properly, doing without maintenance pharmaceuticals with their inherent risks and side effects.

Johns Hopkins is the largest employer in Maryland outside of the government. I am glad they are in town and consistently voted to be the Best Hospital in America.

My sister-in-law received a live donor kidney transplant at Johns Hopkins a year ago.  The new tower there on Orleans Street houses the best organ transplant facility in the country.

I am happy that our shock trauma units have a 93% survival success rate in cases of severe injury and trauma if the victim can reach the units in 20 minutes or less. These are feats of modern medicine that make us proud of our present medical system, no matter how much maligned in the daily press.

So if you are not terribly ill or suffering from trauma, what can you do to stay healthy, maintain good health and work towards optimal health?

We will now go through each section one by one and talk about how it can apply to your life.

Life changer:

Thoughts lead to feelings.
Feelings lead to actions.
Actions lead to results.
If you are not getting the results you want,
work backwards.

Mind State

“Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.” – Abraham Lincoln

First Pillar of Health:

Improve the mind state, the beginning of everything, by setting intentions and having a clear purpose in life. Did you know positive people live longer than those negatively inclined? Oh, you might be able to think of an exception, like my great aunt that was dying since she was 40 and lived to 98! However, for the rest of us, we are positively or negatively affected by our overriding thought patterns.

It’s a good idea to have a optimal health statement written out. Think about it. How important is your health? Unfortunately, it is a by-product of human nature to take good health for granted. Don’t. Normally, most of your life, your heart beats, you breathe without thinking, your bodily functions are in good working order. Even if you abuse your body, it can bounce back to health with amazing speed.

Be grateful everyday for every good benefit that comes your way in life. Gratitude is an attitude that nourishes good health. Bitterness and hatred towards others or one’s circumstances feeds illness and disease.

Take the first step and put pen to paper. If you think it’s trite or silly, I urge you not to, just don’t. It’s a commitment and shows you really want it.

Here’s a template you can use to get started but don’t be limited by the template.  At this point, I don’t really care how many complaints or symptoms you have. Engage in a little fanciful play time and write out a statement about your health that COULD be if all the conditions were properly met.

My Health Success Statement

(Example) My general state of health is excellent! I am thankful how many processes in my body work so well with no thought on my part! My digestion, elimination, my lungs, my liver and my heart all are working in perfect order. Every morning I wake up with gratitude for a new and healthful day. I love my life! (End of Example)

Roots create fruits. This is how it works. Thoughts lead to feelings. Feelings lead to Actions. Actions lead to results. You want better health? It starts with your thoughts. Let me rephrase: Powerful thoughts, lead to powerful feelings. Those powerful feelings lead to power actions which in turn produce powerful results!

This Health Statement template will help your mind focus on what it is you really want. The mind – body connection is a vast study and there is no place better to begin the journey to better health. The mind is the soil that holds every ingredient we need for every outcome that happens in our lives. Some things we have no control over, people say, but you take care of the things you can take care of and let someone else worry about the rest. If you do this, you will have better outcomes, better results from your concentrated, thoughtful efforts.

Life Changer: How a person deals with stress (feelings, emotions arise from your thoughts) has so much more to do with health than can be imagined. Writing out your wishes, dreams and intentions is the first step to setting yourself up for a better outcome.


A Little Secret

“Man needs difficulties; they are necessary for health.” – Carl Jung

Second Pillar of Health:

Exercise: You’ve heard the stories and have been told you can’t be a couch potato, eating ice cream and potato chips daily and expect to live a long and healthy life. But you don’t like to exercise. Shucks. Should we just skip this section? I think not.

The big exception is if you are an athlete. Athletes love to exercise. You could say they live for it. Maybe you’ve heard of the runners “high”, the endorphins that are creating from exercising and pushing through and creating powerful brain chemicals that make you feel great.

But if that isn’t you, I get that. Let’s turn it around and ask, “What do you like to do?” Just think about it. What time in your life did you feel the best, had the most energy? What did you enjoy about your life at that point?

I asked this question of one of my clients. She remembered how years ago she really enjoyed being out in nature. It had been many years but she still had the memories of enjoying nature hikes. She clearly knew she had been in better health and had enjoyed her life more. The vicious cycle kicks in when you don’t feel like getting out and about, so you don’t, which leads to feeling blue and you have more reasons not to get out, walk, hike or exercise.

It was an easy assignment: “Research the neighborhood and find a park within a ten to fifteen minute car ride and visit that park. Spend an hour exploring and write a journal entry about your experience.”

Can you see the benefits she might have derived from getting out to a neighborhood park?  She found a nearby park she hadn’t known existed. It was just a five minute walk from her house. Just about everyone on the planet lives within a few minutes of a parcel of nature, an oasis of what’s beautiful about our planet.

There are so many wonderful and interesting things to discover, if you will take the time to invest in this type of nurturing for yourself. There is benefit in terms of exercise, fresh air but there is also a benefit for the mind, mood, even tapping into your spiritual nature.

But the next assignment was even better. On completion of the first assignment and her delight with her rediscovery, the next step was to research a larger piece of nature within an hour’s drive to visit and explore with her husband. This assignment turned into a three day weekend at a State Park in a neighboring state. She saw gigantic flocks of wild birds, mammals of all shapes and sizes, and reconnected with the outdoors.

Her view of exercise dramatically shifted. She was able to find a way to reconnect to the most joyous times in her life, gain momentum to exercise again by simply taking a walk at the appropriate time of the day with joyful surroundings. Sure, it’s a commitment to make the time, take the time to do something nurturing for yourself and your own best interests, but it beats the heck out of watching Jerry Springer in the afternoon. No pun intended.

How much easier was it for her to reconnect with what she already knew but had forgotten? Do you think exercise was a problem once she felt invigorated from her visits with nature? Finding the right motivation sets us up for success.

For others maybe it’s Zumba classes. I am a big fan of yoga and treat my weekly yoga class as probably the most important hour in my weekly schedule.

How about dance? Ball room or line dancing?  Can anyone say, “Hip Hop?” That’s for the younger crowd, I agree. Let’s broaden it to say, whatever you do that you enjoy, that’s fun, figure out what that is and then just do it, at least a few times a week! You deserve it. You need it. Let’s face it, you really want it!

Life Changer: Examine what you like to do, then find a way do it, everyday.  I have two go to moves. The first is to get out first thing in the morning for a long walk/run with my dog. I know no matter what else happens that day at least I’ve done a mile or more. Second, I have this crazy habit of doing pushups, in the kitchen. It accomplishes two things, I relate any food from the kitchen to immediate exercise. If I want a snack, I do pushups. If I want lunch I do pushups. On a good day, I can do 200 pushups in a day. (8 visits to the kitchen times 25 pushups.) Find triggers and establish motivation to tie exercise to something you like to do, like eating.


“Once during Prohibition, I was forced for days to live on nothing but food and water.” W.C. Fields

Third Pillar of Health:

Diet: Nutrition is key – Nutrition is fuel to your body. Your car won’t run without gas in the tank. Neither will it run with dirty fuel.

Neither can you expect health without proper fuel. There are many different diets available to you and I have studied over 100 of them: Everything from Paleo to Vegan to Macrobiotic to Vedic and the Chinese Elements of Nutrition.

If we look back at human history as you will remember that the hunter-gatherer is the most basic form of fitness that is entirely encoded in our DNA.  The Paleo diet conforms to the hunter-gatherer diet and is worth investigating. Paleo tries to mimic what our hunter-gatherer ancestors ate in the course of their lives. Again, I find that top conditioned athletes like those who take are daring enough to engage in CrossFit training, all gravitate to Paleo. However, there are vegan athletes who can accomplish great feats of athletic prowess using the Vegan diet.

It’s a personal decision how you eat. I also encourage you to try things that work for you.

Anything that moves you away from mechanized, processed foods, I count as credit towards a healthier life.  Natural, whole, raw and local are better than artificial, processed, imported from God knows where. Why should we eat tomatoes grown in Holland when we grow tomatoes in Maryland?

The Mediterranean Diet is the diet of preference for many health advocates. In fact, a new advisory from the American Medical Association is now promoting the Mediterranean Diet as the preferred heart healthy diet over a low fat diet. Finally!

Supplementation and Smoothies: It’s important to note here that our food supply has gotten so far afield that it’s almost impossible to avoid processed junk food. You won’t believe the wrongful ingredients that are used in everyday foods like pizza. It takes a pretty sturdy commitment to do what’s right for your body. Here’s where we can give thanks that we live in the 21st century.

  1. Certified Professional Grade supplements are shortcuts to get nutrition that is now nearly unavailable in our food supply. It’s safer to take Omega-3 fish oil capsules than to try to live like an Inuit and eat enough fish to make a difference. Our oceans are polluted and tainted with mercury, arsenic and lead, sad to say. Take the safety tested capsules. Plant based multivitamins are a must. Immune support from fermented sources is a benefit. We’ll talk more about what’s necessary later.
  2. Blenders, juicers and smoothies are a good way to get a powerful dose of super nutrition and also control the intake of your calories without adding weight. Any good weight management program will include meal replacements like this. Fill up your blender with spinach, kale, blueberries, almond milk, whole nuts, flax seed, etc and you’ll feel the difference in just a few days.

Here are my 7 Rules for Healthy Eating.

Seven Rules for Eating Well

1…Don’t eat anything your great grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food.

2…Don’t eat anything with more than five ingredients, or ingredients you can’t pronounce.

3…Stay out of the middle of the supermarket; shop on the perimeter of the store. That’s where the fresh foods reside.

4…Don’t eat anything that won’t eventually rot. If bacteria can’t digest it, neither can you.

5…It is not just what you eat but how much you eat. “Always leave the table a little hungry.”

6…Families traditionally ate together, around a table and not a TV, at regular meal times. Don’t buy food where you buy your gasoline. It’s probably not real food.

7…Eat protein, veggie rich meals and very little carbohydrates unless you are a competitive athlete.

Life Changer: Keep a food journal for 7 days. Write down everything you put in your mouth. You might be surprised! If you want me to go over your journal, I’ll tell you how we can do that a little later.


Sleep: Repair and Recuperate

“Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.” -Thomas Dekker

Fourth Pillar of Health:

Getting a restful night’s sleep, how it’s done.  How to get the best sleep ever!

Sleep is the body’s natural ability to reset and recondition its innate systems. It’s a part of the human process of homeostasis, the ability of the body to self-regulate. Cellular communication is key. The ability to stay healthy is fully dependent on various internal systems of the body working together in harmony.

When we sleep many restorative functions take place. We can lose up to two pounds of water weight at night through evaporation which is a part of our body’s natural daily detox.

When sleep is broken or not restorative, if you wake up exhausted or just can’t seem to rally yourself in the morning, then it’s good to look at a few environmental conditions.

In order to prepare for sleep, some things are vital.

  1. The last hour before sleep, do not look into any light-emitting screen, no TVs, no games on the Ipad or smart phone.
  2. Darken the bedroom with shades and curtains to be sure the light reflected in the neighborhood is not sneaking into your sleep chamber.
  3. Ensure there are no blinking lights from phone chargers or clocks.
  4. Do not eat for at least an hour before bed; you don’t need your stomach churning when you are trying to get to sleep.

Life Changer: Best practices for winding down to sleep:

  1. Reading a book that is meant for pleasure or hobby reading.
  2. Read over your written goals. (You have written out goals, right?)
  3. Pray, meditate, think of family and friends and send out good thoughts, good wishes, good intentions.
  4. If you have any perplexing problems connected with family or work, bundle them up in a blanket of faith and leave them at God’s Temple way up in the mountains or if that’s not your belief, you can leave your bundle at the doorstep of the benign Universe. If that doesn’t work for you, then tied them up in a bundle and hide them in a safe place until the morning. It’s not a good idea to take problems to bed with you. So you need to do something with them. Park them in a safe place, they will be there the next time you need them.
  5. Did you hear the one about the Idaho potato farmer? He was walking along the road with a 100 lb sack of potatoes. A farmer in a horse drawn wagon passed and offered him a ride. The farmer got in the wagon and held on to the potatoes. The driver said, “Friend, set down your sack of potatoes and rest.” “No”, said the farmer, “It’s enough you are giving me a ride, I’ll carry the potatoes.” Put down the potatoes. Rest.
  6. Take a problem that needs solving and turn it into a question and pose it to the wisdom of the collective Universe, your subconscious (or God). It’s surprising how a night’s sleep tends to organize your problems into workable solutions by the morning.
  7. Always make note of your waking thoughts and record whatever important information you receive. If you are willing to take action on these seeds of ideas and solutions, you may decide it’s a secret incentive to want to go to bed at night to tap into universal wisdom, your subconscious mind or God’s thoughts however you want to call it or think about it!
  8. Have a cup of warm chamomile tea before bed to help soothe your parasympathetic nervous system, allowing it to do its job of regenerating and repairing body function.
  9. Melatonin secret: Take 3 mg of melatonin, two hours before you want to sleep. It takes some time to get into the bloodstream. If you take it when you are going to bed, you may lay awake for two hours wondering why it’s not working.

The Three Step Program

The ‘Three Step Program’ is what we essentially do once a person has become a client of ours.

We’ve found that most people leave out at least one or two steps and some folks miss all three!

Here’s how we do it…

Step 1: Speak with the Coach

We meet on the phone for 30 minutes twice. I will ask some basic questions and help you tweak, fix and mitigate your biggest complaints. The coaching and the calls are free. The great thing about this program is that I don’t charge you a dime. In fact, I am going to put $20 into your “health account” to spend whenever you want on any product you want. Just call me at 443-852-1000 and tell me, “Hey Garey, I want the $20!” Done.

Step 2: Get on an Omega-3 product

You join our VIP Club and I will send you a ten day supply of True Omega-3 for free to get you started… Everyone I coach has to be on an Omega-3. Sign up here for $3.65 for your first bottle. The capsules are free but I have to pay someone to pack it and send it to you. This nearly free sign up (you pay$3.65 only for shipping) will roll over to a shipment every 40 days for $0.97 a day. Yes, if you do the math right, it’s a commitment of $39 every 40 days. You can opt out at any time but why would you if you are reducing cholesterol, reducing triglycerides, reducing heart risk factors? The recurring system is designed to keep you on track with your supplement regimen so you don’t get slack and go off the program. If you are serious about improving your health, then this will make all the sense in the world.

Step 3: Get the Other Supplements Right.

For most people, you shouldn’t have to take more than 3 supplements over any period of time. But what’s common are high potency Omega-3s, plant based multivitamins, and any other specific protocol that relates to your health profile. (Diabetes, Prostate, Low Energy, Cholesterol, Triglycerides, Heart Disease, etc)

This is how I coach clients to good health and the exact model we use for every one of our clients.

What do you have to lose?

Give us a call now at (443) 852-1000 and we’ll answer any questions you have and if all goes well, we’ll get started completely risk free.

Be aware though, regrettably, we do not work with everyone that comes along.

In order to work with us you must:

  1. Be hungry to make the needed changes.

  2. Be coachable. If you think you already know everything we won’t be able help you.

  3. Be willing to commit for 3 to 6 month regimen so we can show you the results…

If you meet these criteria, call now and we can help.

I look forward to helping you access the health potential you already know you have and making this year your best year ever!

Garey Simmons

Optimal Health Made EZ

(443) 852-1000

PS. I’ll help you to reduce risk factors, live healthier and enjoy life more. I may not be able to solve all your health complaints, but I will put you on the path to better health and 80% improvement is what I strive for. Otherwise I will refer you and guide you to other practitioners. This my commitment to you. Call me. Thanks! Three months from now, your only regret will be you didn’t call me sooner.

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