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If you are reading this,  it’s because you want to know more about PAGG. The lifestyle diet and supplements that Tim Ferriss uses to control his body fat. These supplements work as an aid to following a low/slow carb diet. It works if you work.

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Lose Weight the Easy, Tim Ferriss Prescribed Way

We Can Talk pAGG in a minute, but let me ask you a question 

I lost 18 lbs in 3 months using PAGG and the dietary/exercise recommendations in Tim’s book. It’s does take a certain amount of consistency and discipline. Hey I am turning 60 this year and “if I can do it, you can do it.” I am now 162, 5’8″ with a healthy BMI. Thanks to Tim Ferriss and Pagg Supplements and the 4 Hour Body diet and just a few minutes of kettleball, yoga and a hot tub. (No thanks, said I to the ice cubes.)

Work with your body

You are the supreme commander of you. You’ve called the alliance together: body, mind and spirit. You don’t let things get out of control.

In this protocol, it’s all about results! Let’s get you some results! We can fix this in short order! The Magic is in the Sauce.

Yes, You Can! Make It Happen!

If you are already to do this thing, I just want to give you a wee bit of Yoda advice: “Do or do not, there is no try.” I am happy to report that many of you, hundreds have reported Thumbs Up to the protocol. But it’s not just about the supplements, these are a nudge to get your body pistons cranking in a fat burning direction. The real sauce is in your mindset.

Take this on like a Ninja, like Delta Force Rangers, Seal Team Six, Superman, Wonder Woman, Amazon Goddess Warrior, whatever metaphor has meaning for you, but here is the secret:

Take Massive Action, Just Do It. (Nike, I am borrowing, not stealing.) Don’t Wimp Out Now!

I had to blurt that out! Now you know, the only problem is that I think I made it too simple, too easy and you may not believe me! Hope it’s not the case.

I shouldn’t have to convince you. Tim has written all that needs to be said. So let’s get started.

Start with a Two Month Pack or Four or Six… Your Choice…


Reg Price: $129 – Save 30%
Buy a 2 month supply for $49.00

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2 units = 4 months
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Each 2 month unit is reduced by $50

3 units = 6 months – Save $150! 
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Yes, we are the least expensive PAGG formulation out there. We simply separated the policosanol ingredient from the day time formula and save some dollars on blending the policosanol with the other ingredients. Being human and having a brain, you can figure that out. What’s really important to you is that all the ingredients recommended from Tim Ferriss’s Book, The 4 Hour Body, are included in this formulation! High quality, low cost. It’s the low cost that makes it attractive since the economy is being egregiously slow in recovery. All the free flowing cash the banks were dishing out in the early 2000’s has vaporized. While others sell a one month supply from $60 to $90, we sell a two month supply for only $99 or $49.50 a month. So let’s talk: Benefits.

Garey Simmons is a Holistic Health Counselor from “Blue Collar” Baltimore and Recommends the PAGG regimen if you are looking to lose body fat!

Got a Question? I’ll answer personally.

Inventory: In Stock and Ready to Ship. You don’t have to sign up for continuity for these prices. On sale now! Click on a button below.

Some people drive BMWs and some people drive Fords. Fords are cheaper than BMWs. Can you get to where you need to go with either vehicle? Are the results the same in getting you from point A to point B? No matter which 4 wheels you choose, if you can start the engine, the vehicle will do its job. We don’t have blue pills and red pills. Just normal capsules. Save money, friends!


“This supplement package works.”

“I lost 14 lbs of fat following the

Tim Ferriss

PAGG protocol, diet, supplements, exercises, carb binge days, the works.”

“Now I can walk on trees!” (me, tarzan)

Where’s Jane? Yes, you can have fun with this!

Visit Tim Ferriss’s Blog

This regimen is described in full detail in Tim’s book, The 4 Hour Body. It is recommended to read the book. It’s available at Amazon.comand at your local library.We have explained the protocol in our blog entries on this site referring to Tim’s experience and our own experience.There are many exciting steps to enhance your lifestyle through this regimen. Many of you have made drastic changes to their bodies with as little as 30 minutes a week! 30 Intense Minutes, I should say. Have fun with this! That’s what it is all about! You will be glad you did.

7 Reasons to Suscribe to Tim’s Blog. This is very important! It’s free to sign up.

Also make sure you read the 15 blog posts we have posted here to guide you through using the PAGG Advantage supplements.

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right. (Henry Ford)

Smash Fear, Learn Anything!

Click on the image below and a new window will bring you to

Learn the principles in this video, your success is assured!

This is the quiet humility of raw, face the facts, power that Tim imparts to his readers and followers.

Stay Active, Make it Happen!

Order the book from Amazon

Lose Weight? Burn Fat? Build Muscle? Improved Lifestyle?

Tim Ferriss’s Best Seller “The Four Hour Body”


Thanks Tim for giving us the PAGG Stack “Advantage”!


The perfect complement for the slow carb diet!

If you are a student of The Four Hour Body, you will love our pAGG Stack!

And You Are Going to Love Your New Body!

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Bonus: Two Month Supply of Vitamin D3 added for free to all Auto Ship Orders! Why am I giving away Vitamin D3? It’s the super star hero of 2012 in new studies describing the multitudes of benefits you can derive from keeping your Vitamin D levels up. Immunity, bone health, skin health, in fact Vitamin D touches hundreds of body processes and most people are deficient in this important vitamin.




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This Article Ran on October 24, 2011

Woman’s World Cover Story:

The Amazing Tim Ferriss PAGG Diet and Supplement Regimen:

Woman’s World October 24, 2011 issue!

A news stand weekly magazine, Woman’s World, ran an authentic story about Tim Ferriss’s latest creation, his slow carb diet combined with the PAGG supplements. Every week Woman’s World runs cover stories about fat loss and diet miracles. Pagg supplements are mentioned in the article. There are about six companies that make PAGG supplements. is mentioned by name in the article. Tim Ferriss is mentioned by name in the article and Cheesecake is a featured high carb food that you can eat without guilt on your carb day.


To Do List:

  • Read Tim’s Book called The 4 Hour Body. (over 500 pages)
  • Go and find Policosanol, ALA, Biotin, Green Tea Extract (decaffeinated), and Aged Garlic extract if you can. Dose it out according to Tim’s recommendations. After getting frustrated with GNC and Amazon…
  • Come back here and buy our two bottles already formulated for a two month supply. (Two months is the regimen. 6 days on, 1 day off. 8 weeks on, 1 week off.) Buy Now

The cool thing is that we are not in this for the money; well not exactly. We are not going to lose money, either. Let’s be clear.

Hi, my name is Garey Simmons. This site is a sideline muse of mine. (If you don’t understand the terminology, then read Tim Ferriss’s book, 4 Hour Work Week).

My real work is over here at I help folks understand heart health and how to get back to a basic foundation of heart health through the power of Omega-3s. I am extremely passionate about Omega-3s and the specific results you can get with them.

I undertook developing PAGG to help out my very busy son who is working a very demanding schedule. “Dad, can your formulators put this together for me?”

So you understand, my son and I use PAGG ourselves (and all of our friends, men, women, people in their 20’s and 30’s, people in their 50’s and 60’s!!). We both have the Four Hour Body on our Ipads and Kindles. We study body chemistry relentlessly.

*Why we can charge less than other sites: Since this is not our main business and we are not counting on top dollar for each sale, you will notice our prices are a fair bit less than other sites selling similar products. The basic components of the PAGG can be purchased at GNC, Vitamin Shoppe or Amazon. This custom formulation meets all of Tim’s instructions and the main thing is that it works, if you work (it). There are protocols in what to eat, when to eat and how to exercise. No, sorry, you can’t sit in front of the tele and eat cheesecake 24/7 no matter what supplements you take. The body is designed for activity, the body needs proper nutrition, and you should pay attention to mind state. All of these will add to your success with the PAGG Advantage Protocol.

So it’s simple, join us in our Pagg adventures in controlling body fat under 10%. (Ok, ok, let’s be honest, I have only achieved 12.5% but hey, I am an old guy. Mike’s been hanging 7 – 8% with mountain climbing, crossfit, kettleball, and PAGG) And I might add, an Indian Buffet is usually scheduled on Carb day: Chicken Tikka Masala, Basmati Rice, Roti, Nan, Paneer Saag, rice pudding and chai. All are allowed on the carb day!

So in any case, we are offering even more incentives, more discounts to buy your PAGG here. Why? Because we can! We have many years of experience with dietary supplements and can offer you a great deal.

Please take note that once a product has been opened it cannot be returned for a refund. Unopened bottles can not be accepted. We guarantee you product quality, ingredients and premium customer service. The weight loss is up to you. It’s guaranteed as much as you are willing to follow the protocol! It’s a protocol after all.


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PAGG Stack Body Hack


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Tim Ferriss’s Recommendations from The 4 Hour Body!

We read the book, took action, tried various companies’ supplements, decided to make our own with 40 years of best practices experience.

Proudlly, we present PAGG ADVANTAGE:Order Now.


Daytime Formula

Daytime, two capsules before each meal, including dose before bed.

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(2 a day, 6 days a week, for 8 weeks)

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pAGG Stack Body Hack!

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  • You’ve read and studied Tim Ferriss’s new book “The 4 Hour Body.”

  • You want to try it but haven’t been able to shop for all the supplements you need.
  • Or you’ve been to Amazon and have run up a large charge.
  • If you are ready to do this the easy way, then you are in the right place.

PAGG ADVANTAGE is in stock and ready to ship! Order Now.


  • If you are serious about this body hack, then just do it!
  • It’s fun.
  • And you will love the results!
  • The normal two month price for the two month supply is $129.
  • If you want to lock in at $99, then jump in! Order Now.

Daytime Formula


Daytime, two capsules before each meal, including dose before bed.

4 doses per day (6 days a week, for 8 weeks)

Evening Formula


Evening, two capsules, before bed.

(2 a day, 6 days a week, for 8 weeks)

Two Purchase Options: Choose Wisely!

$99 and we pay shipping for Smart Ship Auto Ship. (Recurring Option)

Two Month Supply, every two months.

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I would rather pay $99 (only $49.50 per month! & $4.95 s/h) Without Auto Ship

To find out the benefits of PAGG, read our blog posts, listed below. Or even better, read Tim’s book! I recommend the Kindle version at only $12.99 with instant download. Reserve a copy now of the 4 Hour Chef. Also if you have a Kindle Fire, download the 4 Hour Chef App for free! If you have a smart phone you can read it on that device, or you can download the free Kindle for PC App and read it on your computer. If you use a Mac then Kindle for Mac


Learning Opportunity… Click Learn More.

  • Every Master was once a disaster!
  • Solve the Riddle of Weight Loss.
  • End the vicious cycle.
  • *Retail value $499. Only $199
  • Learn more.

  • Warranties and Guarantees:Please take note that once a product has been opened it cannot be returned. Unopened bottles are accepted. We guarantee product quality and premium customer service. The weight loss is up to you. It’s absolutely guaranteed if you follow Tim’s recommendations in the Four Hour Body! Read the book, follow the blog! It’s a protocol after all. You will be glad you did, like thousands of others!


Bonus Video! Learn which vegetables prevent cancer!

And which ingredient in PAGG does too!

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