Essential, All Important, Must Have Supplements in the 21st Century.
(Part Two of Practicing Self Care)

Today, No. 2 on the list of must have supplements: Plant Based Multi Vitamin or Super Green Veggie Extract. In yesterday’s email, I gave you my story and suggested that you don’t have to believe a word I say. If you choose to read this email and the next five, you will know everything you need to know to take care of yourself properly and ensure your best chances for optimal health. I also named the top supplement you should already be taking if you have bought anything from me before. You know that a high potency, pharmaceutical grade Omega-3, True Omega-3 tops the list.

2. Plant based Multi Vitamin or Super Greens Veggie Extract: I have met people who don’t need a multi-vitamin supplement. These people get a truck load of veggies in their diet daily. They shop several times a week and know where to find the choicest produce. They will haunt the Farmer’s Markets and think nothing of driving an extra ten miles because they know that the Romaine they find will be worth the drive.

For the rest of us, we may not be getting all the vitamins and minerals we need. So I offer you as a fail-safe True Vitality Multi. It’s a three a day multi, because one a day multis cannot provide all that you need. Our human physiology doesn’t allow the morning dose to hang out in your body waiting to be used in the evening. So the easiest thing to do to ensure you are getting maximum benefit from your Multi is to use a potent multi three times a day. I recommend True Vitality Multi.

Now, if you are “pretty good” at eating your veggies and may not need three doses a day because you are getting a decent amount of veggies at most meals then I recommend Primal Force Ultra Greens. You can add this to water, almond milk, a meal replacement protein shake, smoothie, etc.

See what you are missing or could be missing in your diet.

True Vitality Multi 90 Green Tablets.

Primal Force Ultra Greens!

Practice Self Care Everyday.

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