There is a fire raging all about us and within us and that takes place on many levels. But what I want to explain today is the importance of anti-oxidants and why it’s imperative that we quench the fires of inflammation in our bodies. “Anti-oxidants” has been a buzz word for many years now but I want to pause for a moment and deconstruct what is happening to our bodies and why we might need antioxidants. The gut which houses 80% of our immune systems needs to do constant battle with germs, viruses, invaders that seek to impact our health. So the work of the immune system is to kill the microbes that can hurt us.

So oxidation is a tool of the immune system to kill some things but we don’t want too much inflammation in our gut that hurts us in another way. It’s okay for you to have fire in the kitchen on the stove, cooking our food. But we don’t want a fire in the basement that could destroy the whole structure. So it is with the immune system. Now there is “fire” or energy conversion happening in every cell of the body. But it’s controlled fire like the stove in the kitchen. Oxidation is a “burn.” Rusty pipes is an example of oxidation. We need oxygen in our lungs or we can’t survive but we don’t want to rust out too soon. Oxidation internally on the cellular level and do us much harm. The spin off of certain bodily function is free radicals. These can be likened to hot coals that can damage parts of the cell. If you have a headache, if your knee is sore, if your have inflammation in your arteries, then you need to bring those things under control and in balance.

This is why we promote the use of dietary supplements called anti-oxidants.

Here is a list of Antioxidants we sell. As you can see there are many choices. Probably the best selling is Resveratrol 250. Others are needed for various functions and there is a lot of benefit in rotating various antioxidants. L-Glutathione is sometimes called the mother of all antioxidants as L-Glutathione is needed for any antioxidant to be effective. All antioxidants will improve bodily function on the cellular level. If you have a heart condition, by all means you should be taking 100mg of CoQ10 daily. Resveratrol is also recommended for heart conditions. All antioxidants are considered anti-aging and help to keep you looking and feeling young. If you are not taking at least one or two antioxidants, consider adding one from the list.

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